The 100 Recap 1/28

Awkward Looks and Tension Afoot

And we are right back in the action! The show opens right where the crew left off – stuck in their SUV from an apparent ambush. And ambush it was – One would presume by the grounders, but one would be WRONG. After dragging Bellamy out the rover by his neck and forcing the whole crew onto the ground, the ambushers only stopped when getting a second look at the ambushees.

“Monty?” says a woman’s voice from the ambush crowd. “Mom?”, Monty replies down at a smutty face Asian woman (is it weird I wanted her to be a different race just for kicks? But I guess let’s make things easy).

They are Sky Crew (2)! Naturally the attackers stop in realizing that they are attacking their own people.

Sky Crew 2 Meets The Alliance


Monty is saddened to hear that his dad is no longer among these survivors (#dead) and Kane is ecstatic to be reunited with an old friend, Charles Pike (Mr. Sexy Beard <3). And although his beard is sexy, it appears Pike has an ax to grind with Grounders. He informs them that he is among the 63 other Ark members that made it safely to the ground, only to be attacked and killed while playing in the snow – a significant amount of children among the murdered. The crew assures Pike that not all grounders are the same and they were likely attacked by Ice Nation; Pike assures them he doesn’t care and to him all grounders are the same. He and Grounder-to-her-core Indra, share an ominous look and you know there’s going to trouble.


Where in the World is Wanheda?

Wanheda, as in Clarke of course, is still kidnapped. She discovers her captor is a member of Ice Nation, who runs from and kills other members of Ice Nation (?)…. We’re dealing with a lone wolf folks…a sexy, primal lone wolf – who unlike the other Icemen, isn’t covered in baby powder. Decent looks and a powderless face however won’t slow our girl down as she still unsuccessfully attempts to get away by trying to drown lone wolf (later known as Roan) in the river. This backfires and Clarke herself gets a bath #byeberrydyejob #helloblondebaby. After fighting off other Icemen, Roan, attempting to keep Clarke to himself takes her underground, but not before being spotted by Bellamy, who wont give up on finding our girl.

Bellamy, Bellamy, Bellamy your heart was pure, your efforts noble, your fighting was… lame. He ends up stabbed in the leg and knocked out by Roan, only to wake and find Clarke had been taken once more. #failedattempt and an #awkwardrescue

Up on the Mountain

Is this where we find redemption? Not quite. As Lincoln and Octavia make mushy faces outside the gate, a very injured grounder approaches them on horseback, attacked by Ice Nation. The grounder, Lincoln’s friend, needs a transfusion and although Abby, as to not disrupt the alliance, has steered clear of Mount Weather, decides that’s the only way to save his life. Oh, you know what would be fun? Let’s take Jasper! He hasn’t been there since his girlfriend Maya was killed there. That’s not going to sting too badly. As Abby wishes, to the mountain!

Fast forward, they save grounder friend’s life and Jasper takes a look down memory lane in the art storage room. He takes a look and cry at Maya’s favorite painting (the agony) and is comforted by Octavia. And even though they tried to fight it, Abby and her assistant Jackson realize Mount Weather’s got all the good stuff, and they need to move their medical facility there. Good luck of them convincing the grounders of that – future tension here we come.

When I need you turns into I’ll kill you


So now that we have the Commander of Death what to do with her? Deliver her, of course, to the Queen of Ice Nation…. Eh? Here’s where it becomes a little foggy. Clarke is dragged into a large room by a group of guards and her blind-fold removed to reveal Roan has brought her to Lexa, throne and army at hand! Who’d have thought we’d see that backstabbing jerk again? Okay, everyone — but I wasn’t expecting her so soon.  Apparently Roan captured Clarke as leverage to get back into his village, however Lexa for whatever reason isn’t satisfied and orders Roan to be thrown back in jail – correction, she employs her guards to throw PRINCE ROAN back in jail (no wonder he looked better than the other powder faces; he’s royalty <3).


So Lexa and Clarke haven’t seen one another since Lexa kissed then betrayed Clarke, leaving Clarke to forge Mount Weather sans army, subsequently leading to the death of 100’s of men, women and children (this is the best reunion!). Of course, Lexa acts as if nothing ever happened. Her guards drag Clarke face to face with Lexa and she warns Clarke that there is a war coming and she will need Clarke’s help. “Aww how nice that you thought of me”, Clarke replies. JK! Clarke immediately spits in Lexa’s face and is dragged away fighting. She notes (screams rather) that she will be the Commander of Death and kill her! You wanted Wanheda, you got her!


The Magical Place You Love to Hate

The City of Lights is place at least I love to hate. Why? Because after this episode I’m not quite sure if it’s an actual place, or just a place were pyscho people go in their heads after talking to more psycho people about it! Let me explain –

So on the boat voyage to the City of Lights we have Murphy, Jaha, robber chick Emori, her scared face friend Ultra, and some giant disfigured guy. In taking a break off the boat, Ultra decides to ask Jaha about the City of Lights, Jaha does the mentor thing and they disappear off somewhere. Emori explains to Murphy that Alie, the hologram lady, pays her to find tech items and bring them back to the island. The item they are baby-sitting now is kind of big shiny box, and being guarded by Disfigured Face, so why not steal it for keeps, thinks Emori? – side note I’m pretty sure she’s the illegitimate child of Aladdin. This was a bad move as she is immediately gets choked out by Disfigured Face, Murphy’s attempt to beat him with a stick fails, and she has to slit his throat to escape!

They run away and have enough time to examine the box to realize it’s the key to how Alie ticks. They are then confronted by Jaha and Ultra (now a COL believer) and are told to give up the shiny box. Murphy does so after playing a game of go fetch, throwing the box into the water and he and Emori take off on the boat.

Alie then appears out of nowhere and comforts Jaha, Ultra and Disfigured Face (!) who was very dead and now appears to be alive; The City of Lights now suddenly their new location and their scars and disfigurations gone. I’m beginning to feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone!

But to find out what’s real, what’s fake and where the tension really lies, we’re going to have to wait until next week! Come back Thursday Nights at 9:00pm to watch The 100 and/or catch our recaps right here

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