The 100 Recap 1/21

Peace at Last?
We last left Camp Jaha with the image of Clarke walking into the distance, after she had no choice but to end the war through the massacre of the Mountain People. Ah the smell of death by radiation (do you smell it?).  So what is going on with the 100 (more like the 40 at this point, but who’s counting?) now 3 months later? Is there everlasting peace?  Let’s catch up shall we.

In this first episode of the season, we were greeted not by Clarke’s traditional, alluring voiceover but rather, by good ol’ Bellamy, solidifying the fact that Clarke has gone rogue.

It seems as though Bellamy and his crew have finally earned some respect with their superiors, as he dons a shiny new guards jacket (a good thing?). As to signify brotherhood to another deserving new member of The Ark, which has now been deemed Arkadia, Bellamy awards Lincoln with a guard’s jacket as well. This MUST mean everyone’s well adjusted in this new post-war land, right?

SKRRRT – hold it.  We knew better — Enter Shaved Head Jasper.


If you guys didn’t know, new hair means new attitude (#shorthairdontcare?), which in Jasper’s case I guess who can blame him? He finally gets the girl last season, only to have her killed via radiation, by his own people nonetheless.


He stays up drinking all night and laughs in the face of death, literally. On an SUV (oh yes they have come up and somehow got a car) excursion with the old gang (Miller, Monty, Bellamy, Raven and Octavia-via horseback), there is a sticky run-in with three Ice Nation people (who btw look like they bathe in baby powder). And Jasper acts a fool. How, you ask? He runs up to them and snatches an item from one of their belts – because running up to primitive men with weapons always ends well – oh wait, no it doesn’t. Jaspers ends up with a blade to his neck and a nice stab, at which he literally laughs! The crew, unlike the Ice Men, were able to get out with their lives intact, and they actually learned something; The Ice men were looking for Wanheda! (who dat? Just wait.)

Where’s Our Girl
The excursion was to find other possible Ark survivors (and Clarke). They find no survivors and at this point everyone realizes Clarke does not want to be found. Why? She is too busy in the woods playing Clarke Warrior Princess, in disguise as a red head (or burgundy rather — see tweet below about her hair … cool!). After all, she is going through a lot and in a dark place after killing all those people; she doesn’t know who she is anymore, why should we?

She’s living off the land, fighting panthers and what not, and bartering food with a woman named Nyla. On a routine trade with Nyla, Clarke notices something strange. Nyla’s wearing an Ark wristband – the same wristbands from Season 1 that tracked their vital signs. Strange, yes, but this is never explained as they are interrupted by two Grounder Bounty Hunters, looking for none other than Clarke herself. Good thing Clarke is now a hot burgundy head, so she goes unnoticed and Nyla sends them on a dead end route (so she thinks). Nyla then takes in Clarke for the night, and helps clean Clarke’s wounds (which she got from her badass introductory panther fight). How does Clarke repay her? With sex, of course.


After that kiss last season with Lexa, I know everyone was wondering what that meant in terms of Clarke’s sexuality, is she a lesbian now, bisexual or is this just part of her finding herself? Like everyone else, I’m along for the ride and waiting to see where this goes.

So our girl (Clarke) is being tracked by bounty hunters – weird now that the war is over, right? Well it turns out she is Wanheda (!), translating into Commander of Death.  According to the Ice Nation, when you kill a leader, you gain their power, and in a land of war and savagery I think Commander of Death sounds like a nice freakin’ title/power to have. Hence, the price on Clarke’s head – kill her, gain the power she inherited after killing one of the lands biggest threats.

She is being hunted by everyone.  And we know her people (and her mother, Abby) can’t let it go down like that. They send a search crew (Bellamy, Kane, Monty and Indra) after her. They were on the right track, but by the episode’s end get trapped by two fallen trees that appear to be deliberately placed to ambush them. Though they may have been too late anyway, because on Clarke’s late night creep out of bed, the same bounty hunters from earlier capture her. They appear to have been waiting on her to finish getting it on with Nyla the whole time. I guess her disguise isn’t so hot after all.

Remember that weird hologram woman plotline with Captain Throw-You-Overboard Jaha? Yes, well that’s back. Murphy has been trapped in the same room for 3 months, literally driven mad, all the while Jaha has been frolicking around with Alie (hologram woman). If you recall, Alie was said to have caused the nuclear war to begin with. On Murphy’s emergence from said room, he learns Jaha is now on Alie’s side and is in line with her next nuclear plan. Jaha claims to have seen the city of lights and places some weird crystal in Murphy’s pocket. Murphy, convinced that Jaha is nuts, decides to get on board with the plan and boat to the city of lights. I am really anxious to see how this craziness fits into the grand scheme of things, but I doubt anything is going to get more ‘peaceful’ — Next episode please?

Guess you’ll have to wait it out a week with me! Tune in to the next episode of The 100, Thursdays at 9 on Atlanta’s CW! And if you’ve got an opinion on any of this, let us know on Facebook or Twitter @ATLCW — we’d love to hear from you. #The100

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