Legends of Tomorrow Recap 1/21

#NatesTake: Recapping the Legends of Tomorrow Pilot Episode

After all the waiting, the hype, and even a great special to show us the backstory of the show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is finally here, and it was completely worth the wait!  For those of you who missed the action, here’s how it went down:

The first episode of Legends of Tomorrow grabs you from the opening moments, as we are shown the utter devastation of London in the year 2166.  As Vandal Savage and his troops ravage England’s capital, Rip Hunter implores the Council of Time Masters to allow him to go back in time and alter the timestream to prevent Savage from conquering Earth; the council refuses.  In the meantime, Vandal Savage kills a mother with a little boy named Jonas…


Rip Hunter defies the council’s edict and goes back in time anyway with his timeship, Waverider, to gather a group of heroes & villains to help him stop Vandal Savage.  Hawkman, Hawkgirl, White Canary (who gains her name on this episode during a chat with her sister, Black Canary), Firestorm, The Atom, Captain Cold, and Heatwave.  Rip captures and then tells them all that they are legends in his time for giving him their assistance.  He lets them leave and gives them 36 hours to decide whether to help him or not.  They all do for their own reasons.  The Atom wants to matter, and we see his discussion with Oliver Queen in regard to the decision the Atom makes about leaving with Rip.  The Rogues (Cold & Heatwave) decide to go to steal items of importance before the world even knows they’re missing.  Firestorm only goes because Martin Stein drugs Firestorm’s other half Jax.  The Hawks argue, as Hawkman wants to go while Hawkgirl does not; they decide to fight it out, with the winner getting their way. Black Canary convinces White Canary to go with Rip.  They meet up with him, and just as they jump back into the timestream, an armored warrior appears; he is tracking them.  He kills two onlookers as he reveals his name is Chronos.


The group has jumped back to 1975 in order to find Professor Alan Boardman, who Rip has discovered is the leading expert on Vandal Savage.  Upon arrival, Stein and the Hawks join Rip on a visit to Professor Boardman while the rest stay behind.  White Canary suggests they “get weird in the 70’s”, and so Captain Cold & Heatwave join her, while they force Jax to stay behind.  They find a dive bar at the same time as the other group catches up with Alan Boardman.  He tells them more of the origin of the Hawks and Savage, how Savage was in love with Hawkgirl in the days of Ancient Egypt, though she loved Hawkman, and how their fates came to be intertwined.  Boardman reveals that the Hawks are his parents in a prior reincarnated form of theirs.


White Canary, Captain Cold & Heat Wave get in a bar fight after a guy hits on Canary.  While they are fighting their way out, the Hawks, Stein, and Hunter are on their way back to the timeship, with Broadman in tow.  Chronos attacks them just as they arrive at the ship, and he manages to shoot Broadman.  Cold, Heatwave, and Canary arrive just in time to save the day, as Stein & Jax form Firestorm and the crew drives off Chronos.  The group then confronts Hunter, and after Hawkgirl & Canary rough him up a bit, Hunter reveals to the team that they aren’t Legends, he stole the ship, and he has been lying to them.  He also tells them that Savage killed his wife and child, Jonas.  He tells the crew he can take them back to their time after a few repairs.  The crew talks it over among themselves, each of them coming up with a reason to stay.  Broadman dies, and so the Hawks want to avenge their son.  The Rogues just seem to want to party.  The Atom wants to do something amazing and matter, and White Canary suggests that they become Legends.  Jax decides to stay because he likes being on a team.  They tell Hunter they are going to stay, and they jump back into the timestream!


We end the episode with a look at Vandal Savage in Norway 1975 as he inspects what appears to be a nuclear missile…it doesn’t appear that time is on the side of our heroes! What do you think? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter (@ATLCW), and don’t miss an all-new episode next Thursday at 8 on Atlanta’s CW.


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