Jane the Virgin Recap-Keep CALM It’s Christmas




Like a 6 year old writing her list to Santa, doing all her chores and leaving chocolate chip cookies by the fire, I’ve been anticipating this day almost as much as Christmas Day itself. Alas, the mid-season finale of Jane came and left and I honestly don’t know whether I watched an episode equal to a pair of socks or a full on rocket launcher I have to wait until January to play with! But keep calm, I’ll explain.

Christmas Past


In this episode we learn that Jane has been a hothead since she was young.  To counter her tantrums, Abuela taught Jane a technique to keep calm in which she assigns each letter of the word calm an object to help her keep her cool — and in this episode she needed it.


Jane had to keep CALM (Cheese. Abuela. List. Michael  Mateo.)


Why? When we left off Jane discovered that her baby daddy, Rafael, paid off a guy to rat on the love of her life, Michael, and has been lying about it for months!


And why was this a big deal? Well aside from the fact that Rafael betrayed Michael and lied to her face about it, she was led believed Michaels’ toxic feelings toward Rafael were unjust.  She felt this would end up affecting Mateo in the long run, so she cut Michael loose!




Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty" -- Image Number: JAV208a_0347.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Justin Baldoni as Rafael -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Christmas Present  


MALL SANTA – So much so that she yelled at an interjecting Mall Santa, AFTER yelling at Rafael in front of Baby Mateo. Then some noisy soccer Mom type suggests therapy. Surprisingly Jane kept her CALM, but she’s lucky, because if I were Jane Soccer Mom and I would have had some words too.


VISITING OLD PEOPLE – Michael and his new partner track the international crime boss, Mutter (AKA Louisa’s mother) down at a retirement home, only to find out she switched identities with an old woman that can’t talk! So they got nowhere and that was definitely the equivalent of Christmas socks.


CHRISTMAS GHOST – Oh yes, ghost! Not a fun present, but Petra keeps seeing the ghost of the man her mother killed in their suite and is riddled with guilt over the whole thing. She freaks out and tells Rafael everything (Including how her mom pushed Abuela down the stairs)


Christmas Miracles


THAT PRESENT YOU DIDN’T EXPECT – So Jane being infuriated with Rafael decided to do some digging into his finances as a move to possibly take full custody (ruthless right?). Only to find out one of his secret accounts was to a charity! With that, Jane knew she had to give Rafael a chance to explain himself and so she suggests therapy (eek!).


But of course it turns out to be good for them because Jane finally sees Rafael’s point of view. Michael let the woman go who had direct connections to Sin Rostro, the woman who KILLED his father.


Jane had been so blinded by anger and her love for Michael she forgot Rafael might actually have feelings about something else other than her. I can’t blame her though, I forgot about Rafael’s father being murdered too!


CHRISTMAS ANGELS – In decorating the Christmas tree, the Villanueva’s find that their once broken Christmas Angel tree topper is magically fixed. It’s a miracle!

But in reading the note attached we find out it was Michael and the whole family swoons. (While I barfed because I’m still #TeamRafael)


THE GIFT THAT REALLY WARMS YOUR HEART – Abuela finally got her green card! Though it didn’t seem like much of a lengthy process on the show, getting your green card in America can be quite an ordeal. To know all the stressing over being deported is over and Abuela’s heart is a little lighter really warmed my heart. I can’t lie I shed a tear here!


Christmas Future


WHAT’S TO COME – It turned out Rogelio’s new intern (Rogelio’s new free labor), was actually a talented writer and Rogelio loves his script! New show?


Remember when I said Petra freaked out and told Rafael everything about her evil mother. Yeah, well it’s quite possible that Petra was too late, because this episode ends with a very pregnant Petra being dragged away in hand cuffs for the murder of Ivan! Oh yes, her mother played her hand first and blamed everything on Petra.


But now what? I’m left sitting here until next year wondering if Petra is fated to have a prison baby? Wait, two prison babies?


I guess I will try and #KEEPCALM until the show’s return on January 25th, 2016.  At this point, socks or rocket launcher, I am addicted and I know you are too.  See you next year!

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