Jane the Virgin Recap — Book of Firsts

This week, Jane goes through it! I know, how is that different than any other week? Well, this week I felt like the show hit Jane with a giant book of reality a little harder than usual. This ‘mom trying to have a life’ stuff isn’t easy, and things get out of hand fast!

I feel like someone should be making a ‘Mommy Book of Firsts’ for Jane. Don’t worry, I’m on it:

First REAL Day without her TRUE Love
OUCH. Yes, this one hurt. As we remember last episode, she had to cut Michael loose when she realized her relationship and feelings for Michael, as well as Michael’s (bad) relationship and (bad) feelings for Rafael, might be getting in the way of her being a good mother to Mateo, ergo – no more Michael!  Like really… they don’t talk and aren’t even in the same room the whole episode. Jane’s sadness meter was on full tilt, but her awesome mom and Abuela gave her comfort.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Twenty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV206a_0135.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Ivonne Coll as Alba, Jaime Camil as Rogelio and Andrea Navedo as Xo -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Jane The Virgin — “Chapter Twenty-Eight”

SIDE NOTE: She threw away that ugly carved giraffe Michael made her to help get him out of her head.. yeah #sadface

As for Michael, his sanity is in question as well. Remember how Nadine held Michael at gunpoint?  That wasn’t an ‘I’m working for Sin Rostro’ thing. That was a ‘What do you want because I don’t trust you’ thing. Michael called on her! Why? With nothing to lose, he’s going after Sin Rostro and who better to help than your equally jaded ex-lover?

First time Jane realizes that she can get along with her baby Daddy’s other Baby Momma AND Share a Moment
We all know Petra’s a semi-evil back stabbing money hungry she-devil…or she was – as this pregnancy with Rafael’s baby has taken her down a few notches. Feeling a little overwhelmed, being that she is constantly sick and married a Czechoslovakian smuggler; she realizes she needs her mommy! Taking comfort in Jane, she appeals to Jane’s soft side and convinces her to back her mother’s early release.

SIDE NOTE: Petra’s Belly! Oh, you guessed it! And you were RIGHT! Petra is having TWINS! TWO TWIN GIRLS! – yeah, I’m speechless. 

First time Jane realizes she can’t do it all (AND Rafael might be more than capable)!
With much writing to do, Jane has been leaving baby Mateo lying down on his back which caused him to have a pronounced flat head. Needing correcting, he has to wear a surgical helmet for a few months. Needless to say, being in graduate school, Jane has to do it all! Having so much to do, she has to make the decision to stop breast-feeding.

On top of graduate school, Jane has to deal with Mateo’s estate planning. Having to go over his trust fund, she realizes that Rafael actually has a crap ton of money. In the event of his parent’s death, Mateo gets 40 million dollars! Jane being a modest mouse hates the idea of her son having that much money. And as we speed through the course of a few months in this episode, we also see Rafael start dating a mom from their parenting classes. Does Jane get jealous?  Duh (Only a little though). She, of course, waits until she is ‘over’ Michael and agrees to go on a date with Rafael.

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