Jane The Virgin Recap 5/5

Last week, we left off with heartbroken Jane making the irrational – sorry but you have to call a spade a spade – decision to file for sole custody of her and Rafael’s child. This week, we get to see Rafael’s reaction to this choice and learn more about Jane’s past as she attends her five-year high school reunion slightly less successful than she might have originally planned. Here are the expected, painful, and immaculate moments!


By this point, Petra has proven herself to be a professional winner. What this girl wants, she gets, and by any means necessary. Even having her mother sent to prison in an effort to look like she’s a good person is no problem when it will help her get what she desires. So when she re-sets her sights on Rafael, we know that she just might be successful in convincing him that she deserves a second chance.  Thankfully, we have Jane to expose Petra’s true colors to Rafael when he might be a little blinded.

Credit: The CW

Credit: The CW


Watching Jane say all the wrong things right when Rafael was about to say all the right things. You’re killing me, Jane Writers… but, like, in the best way. Rafael has come to the obvious conclusion that he can’t be happy without Jane and that he made the wrong decision in breaking up with her. He looks like he’s finally going to get the courage up to tell her this when Jane tells him that she wants to be just friends. Jane, this is why we can’t have nice things. The dramatic irony on this show is enough to drive you crazy.



Jane finally winning one over on Petra. Using Petra’s love for Rafael to trick her into turning Magda over to the police was a smart and much-needed move. Thanks to the mean girl from high school for your advice. It’s rare that our girl wins playing “dirty” so it’s nice to see her get a little shady with Petra. She, of all people, deserves it. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and Petra is definitely fire.


At first, I had this as the immaculate moment but Jane’s success over Petra knocked it down a peg. Still, I wanted to note it, and as a twenty-something chasing career dreams, this scene may have resonated with me more than others but I felt incredibly happy for Jane as she developed a realistic plan for her writing aspirations. Earlier in the episode, she was stressed about attending her high school reunion claiming, “I’m single, unemployed, and pregnant… this isn’t exactly the triumphant return I was hoping to make.” I was glad to see her make the decision to attend graduate school to really take the time to hone her craft and passion.

Next week, Jane’s finally going into labor and with a preview that teases a shocker, who knows what else is going to happen. Don’t freak out. Only one more week until the season finale. Together, we can get through this. So, until next time…

– Krystle Drew

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