Picture this. You’re playing Monopoly with one other person. You’re about to buy Park Avenue, when all of a sudden the person says, “Do that and I’ll hire you.” You drop your steel iron game piece and shake their hand. The deal is done.

Sounds like some sort of dream, right? Well, that could actually happen at The Art of Conversation|A Hungry & Hired Event at the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company (Midtown). This offbeat career fair will be happening on Tuesday, July 22nd at 5:00pm.

You’ll be surrounded by classic board & card games, and of course, potential employers. Combine those employers with a game like LIFE and BOOM! you’ve got a job. Okay, I don’t want to promise that. You’ll at least have fun. In order for you to enter the fair, you’ve got to have a business card and/or a digital resume. Those are extremely important. Also, don’t stand around and people watch! As much as we love doing that, The Art of Conversation is not the place to do it! Converse! Go get that dream job!

To find out more information about the event, check out their site!


Wendell Scott


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