Stressful day at work? Don’t want to deal with that professor again tomorrow? Well sorry, you’re probably still going to have to deal with that. But what if you could do it while being totally relaxed? *CUE THE AMAZING SPA SYDELL PACKAGE*

Spa Sydell and The Melting Pot are partnering up to give ladies the ultimate pampering experience through August. After work, bring the girls on over to Spa Sydell to get pampered with so many wonderful choices available. You’ll be able to choose from one of the following 50-minute Spring services:

-Acai Berry Facial

-Ocean Breeze Massage

-Ocean Breeze Pedicure

After you’re done feeling amazing, head over to The Melting Pot to gorge yourself with fondue (guilt-free) along with a three-course “Skinny Dipping” menu. Wait, there’s skinny dipping? Why was I not invited to this??

You’ll get all of this for $89/person. Sounds pricey, but for what you get in each package, that’s an amazing deal.


Get your girls. Get out. Go get pampered. You deserve it. So do I actually.


Wendell Scott




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