Yes, you read that correctly. A beer festival just for you.

The East Atlanta Beer Festival will be taking place on Saturday, April 17th and you don’t want to miss it. With general admission, you get a complimentary pint glass that you can use to sample over 175 craft beers. Oh yes. That’s heaven.

Now you can go general, but then again why not go VIP? With the VIP Treatment you get to enter the festival an hour early through the expedited entrance line at the gate. Believe me, this will be necessary. You get a chance to hang out in a covered pavilion and use VIP-only restroom facilities. This will also be necessary. And guess what? There are 12-15 surprise beers that the general public won’t be able to sample. *slaps general public hands away* MY BEER. The best part of the VIP Experience, in my opinion, is the VIP raffle where you can win gift cards from local shops and restaurants! Go Local!

The event will happen at Brownwood Park from 1pm to 6pm. Get there early. Be safe! Practice Moderation! Bring bread so you can sop up the alcohol in your stomach!


For more information and tickets, check out their site!

Wendell Scott


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