Have you ever wondered what 17th Street and Peachtree Street would look like if they were closed down? Well, rest your weird little mind. Sunday your dreams will come true (and not because of road work).

Atlanta Streets Alive will take place on Sunday, April 18th from 2pm-6pm all along Peachtree Street. The streets will close to cars and open up to people and bicycles (or whatever sustainable way you might get around), encouraging a healthier lifestyle!

This amazing idea originated from Bogotá, Columbia, where 70 miles of streets are closed temporarily from 7am to 2pm every Sunday for people to bike, skate, or use any type of human-powered transport. Imagine if we did that every Sunday here! That’d be awesome.

The event has three objectives:


  • To celebrate the neighborhood (which changes and expands year to year)

  • Expose attendees to all kinds of fun outdoor activities

  • Encourage more Georgia residents to take to the streets by foot or by bicycle


I think those are pretty easy objectives. I just took the training wheels off of my bike, so I will be down there with bells and whistles…and probably knee pads.


Do you want to participate? Check out their website here!


Wendell Scott



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