‘The 100’ Recap: Sacrifices

Discussing Season 1, Episode 7

[Spoilers from episode 7 below]

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things.” — Bellamy 

With Finn on the brink of death and a captured Grounder not speaking, I could foresee an emotionally-charged episode, but I didn’t expect Raven to succeed with her radio communications. Which proves just how awesome she really is — and probably how undervalued that success was with her fellow hundred, or rather 90-something comrades. Now we have new questions: Is the Grounder good or bad? Will the “adults” land on Earth to rejoin the juvenile delinquents? And if they do, who will rule Earth? The 100 or them?

I’m finding this whole season more and more intriguing, filled with every twist that causes my nose to near the television. I jumped up and down on the couch during this particular episode, no lie. It takes some brilliant television to cause someone — like me — to flail around. Then again, I’m easily amused.

So let’s get to it and discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from the night!

The Good: Raven communicates with the Ark while trying to save Finn. Of course Finn lived, but the price of his life came at the cost of alerting the Ark. Now they know that Earth is habitable. Mostly I’m curious to see what’s going to come of this, if they’ll ever join everyone on the ground. But there is one problem. And Jaha said it best: “We are on the Titanic and there aren’t enough life boats.” So how many can they take to Earth?

The Great: Finn is poisoned. This set up the best moments of the night, which showed us the differences between each character. In order to figure out the antidote to the poison, they began mercilessly torturing the Grounder — even more than he already was. Clarke orders Bellamy to inflict more pain on the quiet Grounder — though she had been previously against the torture.

Bellamy listens and he drives metal through the Grounder’s palm. Just to note, Bellamy has already strung up the Grounder by this time, trying to get some much-needed info from him. My heart was seriously breaking. I was empathizing mostly with Octavia, who was pleading with everyone to stop. We’d seen this particular Grounder help her, so I thought he was one-hundred percent good. Remember, I had a theory that there were two kinds of Grounders and they were in war with each other.

Well the previews next week may just overturn my predictions. We hear the Grounder telling Octavia that he’s bad. Maybe that’s all showboating? Or it could be wishful thinking on my part.

Raven, however, didn’t ask Bellamy to do the dirty work like Clarke. She grabbed a cut wire and scared the Grounder with electricity, something he’d never seen before. It was smart and ballsy, and it made me realize how much she loved Finn. Sure, Clarke may, but she wasn’t willing to hurt someone herself for Finn.

The Brilliant: The Grounder and Octavia. By far. This was so compelling that I was screaming halfway through and cheering when Octavia sacrificed herself to find answers and end the Grounder’s torture. She sliced her arm with the poisoned knife, and the Grounder motioned with his head to the antidote that Finn needed.

For any “Game of Thrones” fans, the Grounder totally reminds me of Khal Drogo with his brute strength and love of a girl much different from, yet alike in spirit. He admires Octavia like she’s his Khaleesi. Cute right? I almost forgot about her chemistry with Jasper.

And then the Grounder said: “Thank you.” To which I thought: “He learned how to say thank you!” But I follow Jason Rothenberg — Creator/ Executive Producer of “The 100” — on Twitter, and he overturned my hasty assumption.

Okay so if the Grounder understood them the entire time, then he probably is seriously bad. Will this be a Romeo & Juliet scenario between Octavia and the Grounder, or will the Grounder betray her first? I’m hoping that he stays truthful to her, but it’s a little hard to trust him.

Now it’s your turn to have a say. This time, I want to know whose camp you were in during the torture scenes. Weigh in by voting in the poll below.

— Becca Ritchie

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