Being single in Atlanta is just the worst sometimes. You date and date and find nothing but people that don’t know how to properly order oysters. But, there’s  this party in town. It has bumping music and singles ready to mingle. But this is no ordinary party, it’s a Lock and Key Singles Party from Tongue & Groove. Okay, here’s how it works. Guys get keys and ladies get locks. Walk around the club, Cranberry Vodka in hand, and try to find your one true match using your lock or key. I mean you could theoretically go up to each person and attempt to unlock their hearts, but that might get creepy. But hey, it’s a great icebreaker…especially if you’re at a place that uses the words “tongue” and “groove” in the same title. The party is open to everyone 21 and over. It’s Thursday, April 24th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Mark your calendar, you don’t have anything to do. No excuses. This will be fun. You can register for the party here. If you pre-pay online you receive a dandy little party reminder with parking details. Oooh. So get to Tongue and Groove on Thursday! Unlock the possibilities! Don’t spill your Cranberry Vodka on that beautiful Swedish guy.   —Wendell Scott


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