I have never drooled while writing a post until now. The Smoke Ring is offering the Game of Thrones Beer Dinner on Tuesday, April 22nd. Are you ready to find out what’s being offered at this dinner? I wasn’t ready when I first found out.

$49 per person gets you a full, five course meal prepared by Executive Chef Jordan Wakefield. With this five course meal you get complimentary beer pairings from Brewery Ommegang including the Game of Thrones and Fire and Blood. WHAT?! Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Chef’s House Jerky Samplin’ which includes all natural venison, duck, and lamb jerky.
  • Smoked Octopus
  • Free Range Ostrich Slider (excuse me?!)
  • Stuffed Wild Georgia Quail Breasts
  • Smoked Domestic Venison
  • And for dessert, French Toast & Ice Cream

Did you wipe up the drool yet? Yeah, that menu is ridiculously amazing. You’ve still got a chance to reserve your spot, but they are limited. Call 404-228-6377 to make your reservation right now!

Wendell Scott


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