CW Weekly Quotables: ‘Romantic Liaisons’

Quotes from April 7 - 11

We highlight the best quotes from your favorite CW shows! Check out the latest quotables below and vote on the show with the best quotes of the week:


“Don’t give me any of that crap about not having a family man, because you have us and we’re not going anywhere.” — Roman to Drake

“I always envisioned my secret romantic liaisons surrounded by buckets of bleach.” — Emery

“As far as I’m concerned, everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.” — Grayson to Emery

The 100

Raven: “Abby, they’ll float you.”
Abby: “Then they’ll float me.”

“This is on you, princess. You should have kept your mouth shut.” — Bellamy

“Revenge isn’t justice.” — Clarke

“You don’t understand. I’m trying to save all of us.” — Abby


“Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary. Men will trust you and die. These are the first, but they won’t be the last.” — Catherine

Kenna: “You make it sound as if I’m the most self-centered woman in France.”
Bash: “I can’t say that. I haven’t met all the women in France.”

“My first duty is not to my mother. I am the queen of Scotland, not the queen of Marie de Guise.” — Mary

Penelope: “Don’t you think a royal crown suits me?”
Catherine: “Of course, your majesty. Makes your head look smaller. Almost back to normal size.”

— Becca Ritchie


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