Music from CW Shows: March 31 - April 4

Each week, we’ll highlight the music played on your favorite CW shows! Here’s what you heard:


“To Seek a Foe” Season 1, Episode 7

Song: “Kickers” by Victory
Played: When Emery & Julia walk to a table.

Song: “Hurricane” by Ms Mr
Played: When Roman tries to cure Lukas.

The Tomorrow People

“Superhero” Season 1, Episode 16
*aired March 17th

Song: “Miko” by The Chain Gang of 1974
Played: When Cara and John are at the hotel.


“Birds of Prey” Season 2, Episode 17
*aired March 26th

Song: “Love Alive” by Adriiana
Played: When Roy talks to Thea about their relationship.

The 100

“Earth Skills” Season 1, Episode 2
*aired March 26th

Song: “Can’t Pretend” by Tom Odell
Played: End of the episode.

— Becca Ritchie


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