‘The Tomorrow People’ Recap: Magic Tricks

Discussing Season 1, Episode 18
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The Tomorrow People -- "Smoke and Mirrors" -- Pictured: Luke Mitchell as John -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Tomorrow People — “Smoke and Mirrors” — Pictured: Luke Mitchell as John — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Becca Ritchie
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Becca Ritchie
Becca Ritchie Becca Ritchie claims she's from Mystic Falls, but really, she lives in Atlanta where humidity is her greatest foe. She loves comic books, blue nail polish and Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1995. She frequents Twitter to dish about CW shows, and when she's not blogging, she reads too many YA and NA books. She's an Amazon Bestselling Author of the Addicted series, a New Adult Romance. Follow her on Twitter @Becca_Ritchie.

[Spoilers from episode 18 below]

“I don’t want  you to kill anyone. I want you to save someone, John.” — Jedikiah 

Jealousy. Jealousy. Jealousy. Dear Cara: green does not look good on you. Besides reinvigorating the lost love triangle, there were other great moments last night, and the ultimate question is still unanswered. Who can you trust? Is Jedikiah good or bad? Take the poll at the end of the recap to weigh in, TTP fans.

Let’s hop to it and discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Stephen and Hillary play hot and cold and then just end on sizzling hot… and Cara sees it. We watched Hillary nearly tear out Cara’s forever-narrowed eyes (seriously, they’re in a permanent glare unless she’s looking at John). They endured possibly the most awkward double date and then fought outside. Cara won, by the way. (And yep, I’m happy about that.)

But Cara has been raging with jealousy since she learned that Stephen and Hillary have been flirting. She worries that he’s going to lose sight of the mission, but it seems to me that she’s just a big  ball of jealousy. Which isn’t cool. Cara is with John, and she needs to back off Stephen quickly. She cannot have them both, even though every girl wishes that was a possibility.

When she watches Stephen hookup with Hillary… that was even more awkward, but I am so glad she bottled her temper and let him have some fun for once. It’s not like she hasn’t gone topside and done the same thing with John.

The Great: Houdini! Morty enters the scene, a street magician who uses his powers in the coolest way possible. It’s pretty smart, so instantly, I adored Morty and was rooting for him throughout the hour.

Russell has some of the best lines imaginable. I could rewind the scene where he’s whipping a blanket over his head and body, pretending to be a magician, while Cara gives him a look. That look was to remind him that he just got played by Morty, who went topside the minute he performed a magic trick.

The Brilliant: The rivalry between the peace-seeking Founder and the sneaky and very crazy Jedikiah. What. Is. Going. On? We have no idea other than Jedikiah wants John and Cara to convince Stephen to come back to their side. Stephen, for whatever reason, has been trusting The Founder. And The Founder put him in a seriously weird contraption that sent him back in time to his father.

And the cruelty in which TTP writers work, they left us hanging on the steepest cliff ever. While in the past, Mr. Price gives Stephen an alarmed look at the mention of working with The Founder, for powering on some type of machine. Again I say: What. Is. Going. On? I need the next episode like I need water. I am thirsty for more.

Until then, I will be practicing my magic tricks like Russell, with more flair and less skill. While I’m hop-skipping around, weigh in on the episode with the poll below! It’s the question we all want answered.

– Becca Ritchie

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