“Arrow”’s Katie Cassidy graced the cover of Glamoholic’s current issue, and she nailed the spotlight! The actress gave us a sneak peek into her life revolving around “Arrow”, fashion and romance.

Six need-to-know essentials about Cassidy from the Glamoholic’s feature:

1. She gives the best  hints on what to expect from Laurel in the rest of “Arrow”‘s season.

2. Her fashion eye is on Jennifer Lawrence’s styles, and she would love to play dress up in Angelina Jolie’s BAFTA awards ensemble.

3. Cassidy is a  “hopeless romantic.”

4. She created her fashion blog, Tomboy KC, with a close friend.

5. The “Arrow” actress wants to try the plaid trend this season.

6. Cassidy wouldn’t mind working in comedy.

7. The fashionista would love to dress Bradley Cooper (who wouldn’t).

8. Favorite Cassidy fashion quote she told Glamoholic: “I stopped listening to everyone else, and started listening to my own sense of style. I decided I was going to dress to express how I felt and not over think it. Over thinking an outfit or a look is the worst thing to do. Go with your gut. It’s always right.”

Check out her interview here and devour eight pages of her chic fashion!


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