I don’t write about music groups normally, but I felt the sudden urge to do it today. Why? When they’re amazing, they deserve to be written about.

The Human Be-Ins is a psychedelic group from Commerce, GA and they are ready to rock our gym socks off at their event: Jam In the Sham. What’s even cooler, is that this will be live performance debut for the group! Talk about nerves. Listening to some of their tracks, I do believe they will not disappoint though.  They’ve got a very eclectic sound that exudes funk, soul, and a heaping amount of good ole’ Southern Rock n’ Roll. I’ve actually got two favorite tracks from the group already: Lost in Translation and Get Use To It #funk. These, and other pyscho soul tracks, are available for your listening pleasure here. The sounds and musical styling you hear are truly unforgettable. The Human Be-Ins use almost every genre of music, engulfing you in a distinct and individual sound.

The Jam in the Sham event will take place on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at Piedmont College. The festivities begin at 7pm sharp with Scotty ATL headlining the event. No, I promise that is not my alter ego (although I wish I was that cool).

For more information about the group or to purchase tickets for the event, get more information here.

Wendell Scott


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