Torrance Coombs Selfie Round-Up

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Torrance Coombs on Instagram

Torrance Coombs on Instagram

Chelsea Harris
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Chelsea Korzenko
chelsea korzenko Torrance Coombs Selfie Round Up Chelsea Korzenko is a KSU Alum who loves Atlanta! A movie/television junkie who is a native northerner, southern settler and optimistic occupier! Above all a CW lover and celeb gossip indulger.  When  not dishing about the latest celeb, movie craze or television show, you can find her enjoying a refreshing hike and nature’s beauty!  She can be reached at

Selfie overload is allowed…when you’re Torrance Coombs.

Have you been stalking “Reign”’s Torrance Coombs on Instagram like we have? If so, then you’re aware of how often he posts strikingly handsome selfie’s. It’s possibly more than any beautiful, blue-eyed hunk out there, and we’re not complaining!

If you haven’t noticed his picturesque updates, then you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up his best selfie’s, so we can indulge and end the week on a good note!

Mirror mirror on the wall, which Coombs’ selfie is fairest of them all?

Royalty selfie

Bored selfie

Nerd selfie

Tiger selfie

Kitty selfie 

Melt-my-heart selfie

Shackle selfie

Winner selfie

Tweet @ATLCW your desired Coombs selfie or sound off below!

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