Pause for Pastels

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Chelsea Korzenko
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Chelsea Korzenko
chelsea korzenko Pause for Pastels Chelsea Korzenko is a KSU Alum who loves Atlanta! A movie/television junkie who is a native northerner, southern settler and optimistic occupier! Above all a CW lover and celeb gossip indulger.  When  not dishing about the latest celeb, movie craze or television show, you can find her enjoying a refreshing hike and nature’s beauty!  She can be reached at

Winter has ended and spring forward has happened — we’re exhausted. It’s time to wake up with something refreshing, and I’ve finally found it!

Today, take a moment from your back-to-back meetings and pause for pastels. These spring hues will have you-at-first-blush and keep you coming back for more.

What made me hungry for pastel? The fact that you can pick your favorite light color and match it with any outline! I’ve put this theory to test. Scroll below to catch affordable pastel finds and investigate sweet colors to pair them with.

Minty green

Flirty Skirt from Target: $24. 99




Jersey Top from H&M: $9.95



Double-V Tee from Urban Outfitters: $34.00


Pleated dress from LuLu’s: $49.00



Skinny jeans from Gap: $27.97


Pastel Partners

Don’t be afraid to go pastel-happy and set it with another soft or same color, it’s definitely in. However, in case you are a little shy, smooth the soft look with grey, cream, white, black or denim.

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