Okay, I’ve never been whale watching before. I’ve always wanted to, so I promised myself I would one day. This week, I kept my promise…but I did the watching on dry land.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History makes a splash with their new exhibit–Whales: Giants of the Deep. This fun, interactive exhibit is a must-do for a variety of great educational fun. It presents various types of information through small films, interactive video games, and even a giant made-for-play whale heart. Tell your friends you slid out the heart of an animal and they’ll think you’re morbid. The exhibit boasts an impressive amount of whale bones, even a full sperm whale skeleton, that I found impressive. The Maori culture also becomes a focal point with thorough explanations of whale-riding stories, traditions, and other interesting facts of the Maori people.

photo 2 mr1394064535584 mh1394064580307 Whales: Giants of the Deep at Fernbank!

This exhibit is definitely a hit for everyone, but the kids will truly get a kick out of it. I say that because I tripped over several children running around the area, amazed by what they were seeing. It was cute. If you want to whale watch, but don’t want to wear those frumpy yellow raincoats, head to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History for this fun experience!

Whales: Giants of the Deep will be at Fernbank until August 14, 2014. It’s a perfectly quick stop during your Spring Break plans if you’re “staycationing” in Atlanta like me. Oh wait, I don’t even have a Spring Break anymore. I’m an adult.

Oh! Don’t believe I went whale watching? Look.

photo 1 mr1394064659254 mh1394064682468 Whales: Giants of the Deep at Fernbank!

For more information about the exhibit, visit their website here.


Wendell Scott


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