‘The Originals’ Recap: The Monster Within

Discussing Season 1, Episode 15

[Spoilers from episode 15 below]

“I lived, but all that we built died, as did the last shred of me that felt human. That is what my father took from me that night.” — Klaus to Cami

Heart. Broken. “The Originals” has weaved possibly the most tragic brother story of all time. Daddy Mikaelson has come to torment Klaus in the past, and all of these dark issues are brought back up again. We watched the very moment Klaus lost the rest of his fragmented humanity.

The Mikaelson children bear such pain. Klaus, the bastard son who can’t do right by his father. Rebekah, the hopeless romantic. Elijah, the oldest brother trying to keep his brother and sister standing. It’s all beautiful and disastrous.

Let’s get to it before I become all teary-eyed again. These are the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Celeste is dead! Wow. Wow. Wow. Way to go Elijah. That plot was foiled quite quickly, but I love how fast paced “The Originals” is starting to become. And with Celeste out of the way, Elijah can grow a little closer to Hayley. They are totally endgame, and it’s only making me excited for the little baby on the way.

The Great: The relationship between Rebekah, Marcel and Klaus is more complex than we thought. Through flashbacks, we see that Klaus accepted his sister’s relationship, even as she tried to hide it beneath his nose. But it was too late by then. She had already betrayed him by running to a witch, calling their father to come hunt down Klaus.

The Brilliant: The fire. We finally saw the fire burn down the opera and with it, what Klaus believed his “son” — Marcel. The opera that played was not normal either. Their father compelled everyone to watch Marcel and a few other vampires being tortured on stage. It was sick and twisted. I guess we shouldn’t have expected any less from him. And frighteningly, it’s something that I could see Klaus doing in present day. Which makes me wonder — did he turn into his father? The very thing that hated him? Oh the irony!

“The Originals” ended the episode in a cruel fashion. Klaus had a white oak stake, and he was prepared to kill Rebekah. Only Elijah was standing between them. The family is self-destructing, just as Celeste had hoped. But from flashes of next week, we do see Rebekah run away. And Elijah stands across from Klaus with a weapon of his own. Brother vs. Brother. Who will win?

Something tells me there won’t be a winner either way. And yet, I can’t wait to find out.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in on the episode. After seeing the full betrayal and how evil their dad was back in the day, do you think Klaus is justified in killing Rebekah?

— Becca Ritchie

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