‘Star-Crossed’ Recap: Rivals

Discussing Season 1, Episode 3
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Star Crossed -- "Our Toll Shall Strive to Mend" -- Pictured (L-R): Malese Jow as Julia and Matt Lanter as Roman -- Photo: Skip Bolen/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Star Crossed — “Our Toll Shall Strive to Mend” — Pictured (L-R): Malese Jow as Julia and Matt Lanter as Roman — Photo: Skip Bolen/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Becca Ritchie
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[Spoilers from episode 3 below]

“If my people found out I put them at risk to save a nice but very chatty human, there will be consequences. Bad ones. For both of us.” — Roman to Emery

It’s like the Star-Crossed genie answered my request from last week to meet the Trag leader. And so we did! Not only was she incredibly scary, but she’s related to Teri, the feisty Atrian that has hooked up with Roman once or twice before.

The politics between Atrian, Red Hawk, Trags and Human have only grown murkier, especially as we begin to uncover new relationships between each person. So let’s go ahead and discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Grayson is a Red Hawk or is he not a Red Hawk? Solve this question, Emery! I don’t know how she eavesdropped through a limo (unless the windows were rolled down?) but she heard his parents discussing Red Hawk activities. And she was quick to accuse Grayson of using her camera footage to make an anti-Atrian video. He said he didn’t belong to the Red Hawks, even if his family did. Which makes sense, considering he’s named “gray” son. Get it? Okay, jokes aside, I’m curious to see where this is going. I can’t say the development of his relationship is anymore organic than Roman. It’s all moving quickly. But I think we have to go with it since they’re star-crossed lovers.

The Great: Julia may be a glowing blue alien thingy forever! I was kinda bummed that this was resolved so quickly and with just a plant. Do plants solve all problems? Well, with the addition of black cypher, we know they’re not all good, but seriously, there has to be another downside to chewing on a leaf. I’m still hoping Julia has some psychic powers in the future. Do you wish she stayed blue or at least developed some sort of alien-like qualities?

The Brilliant: Drake becomes a Trag and Teri embraces her “destiny” by joining forces with her mother. I loved this twist because you could feel how much hate was stirring in Drake. He didn’t like the humans one bit, and he constantly felt like a volcano ready to explode. But even as he was confronted with killing a human, he choked, which reminded me that he’s still young. He’s still just a teenager in high school.

Teri finished the job for him. Her jealousy towards Emery turned her towards the Trag leader, her mother. I don’t think Teri or Drake are inherently “evil” but they’re both full of angst and caught up in their emotions. I wonder if they’ll come to regret their decisions later on.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in! Since we’re just starting to see relationships blossom, I want to know who you like with Roman. He’s had a past history with Teri, but Emery is the girl who saved his life after all.

— Becca Ritchie

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