Okay don’t really scream, no one can hear you right now. But if you’re looking for high energy and a soulful take on the circus tradition, then the UniverSoul Circus is definitely where you need to be. Sporting vibrant colors and exaggerated curves, you would not believe the amount of fun you will have underneath this tent.

(Photo Courtesy: Bret Hartman)

(Photo Courtesy: Bret Hartman)

You’ll experience the diversity of the UniverSoul family from start to finish with a variety of dances, acts, and physical feats. There were two acts that I still can’t stop thinking about. The circus’s opening number filled with Caribbean dancers, stilt walkers and FIRE was an immediate pump of energy. Each of the dancers had the sharpest of movements, showing precision and dedication to their craft. I found the use of blacklight intriguing to accentuate the costumes of the dancers and stilt walkers as well. Very cool opening piece. The number truly set the tone for the energy level that did not drop throughout the entirety of the circus.

Also, there are only three words that you need to know: Men of Steel. Yes, Men of Steel…from Poland. These men were truly magnificent. They walked out slowly shirtless with shimmering, white pants. Goodness knows, I’d love to walk out onto Peachtree Street like that. Someone would probably throw a blanket over me like James Brown once I stepped out onto the street though. A man can dream. But, back to the Men of Steel! The amount of strength and concentration these two had, truly fascinated me. Have you ever seen a man balance someone from his neck? Neither have I, until last night.

The UniverSoul Circus also had many other breathtaking acts and interactive experiences perfect for the entire family. The circus prides itself by creating a diverse and open atmosphere, not only for its audiences around the country, but for its talent as well. This keeps audiences coming back to the tent each time it stops in town. And I think it is absolutely phenomenal. The only downside during the night was my lack of rhythm during the dance breaks. I will never know how to “swag and surf” for as long as I live. I think I’m okay with that.

Due to popular demand, the UniverSoul Circus will be in town for an extra day at the Turner Field Green Lot! They’ve added a new show on March 3rd. This circus has the Road Warrior’s seal of approval!

For more more information, check out their website here.

–Wendell Scott


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