‘The Originals’ Recap: Fabled Mikaelson Bond

Discussing Season 1, Episode 14

[Spoilers from episode 14 below]

“I’m counting on that familial love. It’ll be the ruin of you all.” — Celeste

And we’re back from a mini-hiatus with a killer episode, filled with betrayal, hallucinations, death and flashbacks. Rebekah did what?! Marcel did what?! Yep, it was a night as heart-crushing as it was heart-pounding. To top it off, Elijah took off his shirt — a rarity that we all must take pleasure in with a moment of silence.

Now let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night!

The Good: Marcel and Elijah team-up to find the rest of the Mikaelson clan. Who would have thought these rivals would work so well together? Celeste was leading Elijah to the sanitarium with tattoo clues that appeared all over his body. It gave reason for him to shed his button-down. And it also gave Hayley the perfect excuse to stare at his body. She was, in fact, the one he asked to help read all the names. Smooth, Elijah, very smooth.

The Great: Through a series of flashbacks, Klaus learns that Rebekah was the one who told his father in 1919 where Klaus was hiding in New Orleans, thus setting off a string of events that separated Marcel from the family. And it also put their father on a warpath to kill Klaus. Okay, so I don’t hate Rebekah for withholding her deceit or concocting this wild plan to begin with. She chose love over family in that moment, but she also tried to take back what she’d done. It was too late of course.

But as Genevieve towered over Klaus after capturing and torturing both him and his sister, I expected Klaus to fight back. She told him pointblank that her ploy was to turn them against each other. So why let Genevieve live? Once she freed him, I thought Klaus would snap her neck. Nope. He’s being manipulated by a witch, which seems so un-Klaus-like. Usually he doesn’t let anyone tell him what to think or what to do. What are your feelings on Klaus’ new-found revenge against his sister?

The Brilliant: Brother bonds! Oh, they kill me every time. Elijah appeared to save his sister and his brother, but to do that, he had to stake his brother. (Klaus was about to hurt Rebekah.) I loved how Elijah held Klaus as he was in pain, knowing he put him there, knowing that Klaus is evil but hurt. It’s the emotional journey between these two brothers that compels me to watch each week. I just wish that Rebekah’s bond with Klaus could return to the way it was in “The Vampire Diaries” — strong and powerful.

I’m not sure there’s any chance Rebekah and Klaus will repair their relationship. Could this be the last straw for both of them? Maybe.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in on the episode. Who were you rooting for this time around? Rebekah or Klaus? Answer below!

— Becca Ritchie

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