Justin Bieber Moves to Atlanta!

Justin Bieber is calling Atlanta home. Yes Atlanta, our home turf will soon be his too.  Let’s hope he behaves.

Sources say that the Bieb’s is eyeing the Buckhead area for his future home. In the meantime, he’s renting a spaceship mansion from record producer Dallas Austin.

The 19-year-old doesn’t settle for dull when renting. This four-bedroom pad was featured on the 2007 episode of MTV’s “Cribs” and includes a game room, floor-to-ceiling windows and a massive pool.

While dwelling in this spaceship, it’s rumored the pop-star singer is looking at a few mansion-sized options around Atlanta to purchase. Being a local we know there are many high-end estate’s to choose from, many near his celebrity friends and mentor Usher.

Happy house-hunting Bieber! Local Beliebers are you excited? What are your house predictions?

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