‘Star-Crossed’ Recap: Hello, Aliens. Meet High School.

Discussing Season 1, Episode 1

[Spoilers from episode 1 below]

“You were kind when everyone else was cruel. That was something.” — Roman to Emery

A new CW show might as well be Christmas Eve for me. It’s festive, celebratory and feels like one giant present. After unwrapping “Star-Crossed” — I’ve been pleasantly surprised! While the show is like a beautiful sci-fi baby of “Roswell” and SyFy’s “Defiance”, there’s a lot of potential for the series as a whole. But if I had to put it in contention with my favorite show of the year, “The Tomorrow People,” it wouldn’t win just yet. Possibly because I am head-over-heels in love with TTP. But that’s another recap for another day (ahem, Wednesday).

Let’s discuss the good, the great and brilliant moments of the night. And I’ll mention that controversial scene that has people talking.

The Good: Little Emery gives Little Roman spaghetti. This was adorable in an E.T. “here’s my toy collection, this is how to be human” sort of way. And even though I had on-set flashbacks of “Roswell” during most of the opening, it was this scene between the human girl and the Atrian (alien) boy that stuck in my head the most. The show opens in 2014, so we assume that the present day for them is ten years in advance for us. 2024, which brings me to…

Digression: The technology. I love a good sci-fi show. Hence, my love for “The Tomorrow People” and all things with powers. But the technology in 2024 is out of this world insane. I want it all. The detail went from a hologram of a teacher to a party invitation on an electronic glass thingy. Yes, “thingy” is what I will call it because as a lowly sub-human of 2014 I do not know the correct terminology.

That being said, the technology aspect segued into the most controversial part of the show. As the Atrians and the humans were sharing a class for the first time together, a hologram of an American flag was hoisted in the middle of the room. The Atrians did not say the pledge. The humans did. However, that’s not what bothered some people. The “Under God” portion of the pledge was omitted. My feelings on this remain pretty neutral, but I do have to note that most science fiction shows, movies, novels, etc., pay attention to small details like these. Maybe in 2024, the pledge was reverted back to the original version that was used before 1954 due to political influences or cultural differences. We have to assume that a lot has changed — because, hello, there are aliens now.

The Great: Roman’s father is shot! The nice man who was giving his son a pep talk was shot by Emery’s father, who happens to be the commander that keeps the Atrians in line. They’re all secluded to one sector for their protection or for the humans? Hm, hm, hmmm. And so the conflicts begin. This ordeal will surely put a wrench in Roman and Emery’s love story which had just started to flourish. She’s a sweetheart at the core, but Roman’s dry sarcasm made the show for me.

The Brilliant: Roman helps Emery’s dying friend with his secret ability. First off, the music on “Star-Crossed” is absolutely brilliant. If you’re looking for that cover of “Age of Aquarius” during this last scene, it’s not released, but you can listen to a preview of it here. I was obsessed with the actress Malese Jow when she played Anna on “The Vampire Diaries” — so I am thrilled that she’s in another CW show, portraying Emery’s bff Julia.

Did you figure out that Roman knew how to heal Julia the whole time? I thought he was being serious that Cyprus (a plant) had no magical qualities, but after sneaking into Julia’s room, he stuck the plant in his arm, which caused his veins to glow blue. He used his glowing blood to heal Julia, and she overcame a seriously fatal illness just like that.

How much more can the Atrians do? That’s what I want to know. If they’ve been quarantined for ten whole years, they must be a threat on some level. But what do the humans have to worry about, and is the Commander  keeping this to himself?

Since this is the first episode, I want to know the biggest question of all. Will you being watching “Star-Crossed” again? Weigh in by voting on the poll below!

Becca Ritchie


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