‘The Originals’ Recap: The Witches Will Rise

Discussing Season 1, Episode 13

[Spoilers from episode 13 below]

“I just wanted to meet my family. I never imagined I’d meet my husband from some weird ass arranged marriage.” — Hayley to Jackson

So much happened. There was another major death, but it looks more permanent than Davina’s. I wanted to scream “Originals down!” a few times. The witches have never been stronger, and at one point Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus were all on the ground in pain. Not good at all if you’re Team Vampire.

How much did you love Elijah’s devotion to his brother and sister? He made a huge proclamation, saying he’d kill all the witches to bring back his family. Celeste thinks Elijah’s “always and forever” motto is foolish. Well, I sincerely hope he proves her wrong. As much as Celeste has become a true witchy villain, I think she’s just the big bad the French Quarter needed to shake things up.

Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments.

The Good: Cami? I don’t know if I particularly loved this side plot, but it has to be mentioned. Cami’s uncle, the priest, was hexed by a witch, and now he’s going crazy and is on the road to death. The cause? He’s aligned himself with the vampires, and anyone who was against the witches or lost faith in them, now must pay.

Cami enlisted Klaus’ help instead of doing what the witch had told her. She needed to stab Klaus with a bone-looking, curved knife. She failed because she can’t hurt people — which is fine. But I couldn’t help but wonder what Caroline would have done. I think she totally would have hurt Klaus on instinct to save her friend.

Fangirl Digression: So Klaus had sex with Caroline on “The Vampire Diaries” a couple of weeks ago, and every moment he neared Cami, I remembered his sexy-times with Caroline in the woods. I just wanted him to say, “I slept with my future wife.” And done. OTP status: In progress.

The Great: Hayley meets her cursed werewolf pack… and the man she was betrothed to. Holy werewolf babies — I didn’t see this coming until Jackson started explaining why he was stalking her in wolf-form. He said, “Our parents were of the same people but not the same bloodline.” Translation: We can hook up without it being incestuous.

The dynamics between the originals and Hayley now just became even more muddled. When Elijah had to save Jackson from the burning house, it kind of made me wonder if Jackson can really even be competition for the original vamp. Oh, by the way, that will most likely be the last we see of the plantation house. What’s sadder: the death of the house or Sophie? Just kidding! Sophie was a good antagonist at times. To see her go out by her own niece was a little painful.

The Brilliant: The witch uprising. Do not mess with the witches. They will make you go crazy (the priest) and bleed out from your eyes (poor Sophie). The last shot of the four witches uniting as they walked away from Sophie’s body was epic. It was scary. It made me truly fear for the original vamps. Sophie’s niece gave the warning: you’re either with us or against us. And Sophie initially stopped The Harvest and then she wanted to cowardly run from the French Quarter, so she paid the price in blood.

It’s a lot to take in, especially the fact that Elijah had figured out Sabine was Celeste since her bones were unearthed. Elijah, you sneaky little vampire. He keeps way too much to himself, doesn’t he? Please share next time.

Okay, now it’s your turn to weigh in on the episode. Since the witches are back in the game and Jackson talked about how the werewolves used to rule New Orleans (apparently everyone ruled it) — I’m curious to see where your loyalties fall once again. Vote below!

— Becca Ritchie

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