‘Reign’ Recap: The Traitor’s Daughter

[Spoilers from episode 10 below]

“I’m not Francis. My duty will never be to some country, some country, some land. If I’m married to you, you’ll be my family. I’ll be in it for you, and only you. And if that’s not what proper kings do…” — Bash to Mary

Did you notice that Francis was missing in action for the entire hour? I kept waiting for him to appear, to see his side of things, to follow him on his journey (which I’m sure is just as fish-out-of-water as Bash’s). But sadly, we only saw Bash. We weren’t even treated to a glimpse of poor Francis. Wherever he may be, I sincerely hope he shows up next week. And if you didn’t notice he was gone… then you are one-hundred percent Team Bash. This is evidence of your true loyalties, lovelies.

The Good: For once, Mary was wrong! Her beliefs about the Pagans were put into question when she came into contact with three of them — one of which was Bash. I liked seeing a human side of Mary — where she has faults, where she’s not self-righteous and perfect with her understanding of the world. She has some growing up to do, which makes for a good CW heroine.

Side Note: The traitor’s daughter, whose father is Bash’s uncle, gave birth and subsequently died. Catherine concocted the plot to put Bash close to the traitor’s daughter, thinking he was the baby daddy. The young girl passed, but not before giving birth to her baby girl. She marked the foot with a pagan symbol. (A black dot?) I’m really curious to see how and if this baby will come into play again. Will the child be used against Bash? Only time will tell.

The Great: (Queen?) Catherine is plotting in prison. I love her. She’s probably my favorite adult on any CW show. She is full of personality. When she tries to order Kenna around while she’s in jail, she says, “Where are you going? I’m not done abusing you! You’re my only amusement!” Gotta love Catherine, even if she failed at her attempts to put her son, Francis, back on the throne. She’s trying hard, and I doubt she’s giving up anytime soon.

The Brilliant: The end! After Bash escaped Catherine’s diabolical plot, he buried his cousin and slit his hand to offer his condolences. He said it’s how Pagans offer their respect. Mary followed suit, showing that she’s willing to be open-minded about his beliefs. Bash changed the topic, professing how his wife will always come before his country. Unlike Francis, who will put his country before his wife.

Mary kissed him. But I can’t help but wonder if, given the choice, Mary would choose her country over her husband. I think she’s more like Francis in this aspect, and that’s why they were a good match. She’d sacrifice her love for her country. That’s arguable because she has yet to make a choice between the two, and she hasn’t outwardly declared her stance on the matter.

Now that Francis is gone (for now), and Bash has explained why he’s so different from his brother, I want to know where your allegiance stands. Do you want Francis with Mary or Bash with Mary? Weigh in with the poll below.

Becca Ritchie


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