By Chelsea Harris

CW stars are good looking (extremely good looking). It’s not just that sexy jaw line or that “to-die-for”  long wavy hair. There’s more to the signature look and it’s definitely worth noting.

We want to award the fashionable things that enhance our favorite CW characters including hair, makeup, style, wardrobe and jewelry. Each month we will shine light on who was the true fashionista of the CW, including both men and women.

Who did we pick for January?

Drum roll please…

The CW

The CW

The CW

The CW

The CW

The CW

Who: “Reign”‘s Queen Mary, Adelaide Kane

Why: Long may this outfit Reign. We love it because it’s confident and bold! Who would say no to that color?

Scene: After running away from Francis, Mary was forced to return to French court and face many decisions that she had to make. This look matched her bravery.

The Look: Queen Mary is wearing a metallic, long-sleeved, cropped top paired with a bold belt at the border of a matching metallic flared skirt. Her long wavy hair and contrasting patterns are extenuating. With this look, Queen Mary is definitely fit to rule.

The CW

The CW

Favorite Accent: THOSE long tiered earrings! These jewels are definitely her statement item. She doesn’t settle for small accessories, she’s Queen.  

Congrats Queen Mary, the cast and crew who made this fabulous look!

Your style voice can be heard! Keep a fashion eye out during your favorite CW shows, choose your contender and send your picks our way. We will do monthly polls to see who you think should be the next CW Look of the Month.

May the fashion games begin!


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