‘The Tomorrow People’ Recap: Paranoia

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The Tomorrow People -- "Sitting Ducks" -- Pictured: Robbie Amell as Stephen -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The Tomorrow People — “Sitting Ducks” — Pictured: Robbie Amell as Stephen — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Becca Ritchie
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Becca Ritchie
Becca Ritchie Becca Ritchie claims she's from Mystic Falls, but really, she lives in Atlanta where humidity is her greatest foe. She loves comic books, blue nail polish and Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1995. She frequents Twitter to dish about CW shows, and when she's not blogging, she reads too many YA and NA books. She's an Amazon Bestselling Author of the Addicted series, a New Adult Romance. Follow her on Twitter @Becca_Ritchie.

[Spoilers from episode 12 below]

“I save you. You save me. And if I fail, we both die. I get it.” — Astrid to John

I honestly don’t think I can hate a single person on this show. Even Hillary is strangely endearing with her eager ambition and survival-of-the-fittest mentality. Although she did sellout Astrid to step over Stephen at Ultra.

I only buy boxed sets of television shows I adore to the millionth degree, and “The Tomorrow People” will undoubtedly be lining my shelf, right next to every season of “Supernatural” and “Smallville.”

We were treated to Russell’s humor (who’s still recuperating), Stephen’s growing paranoia about his mom’s new boyfriend and more Astrid! John Young gave me such anxiety. I wasn’t worried that he would die. I was fretting that Ultra would capture him, and he’d be in the hands of Jed. Even though Jed and John have a tumultuous father-son relationship, there’s still gray area about what would happen to John if he returned. And at one point, I was nearly positive Cara would fail to teleport him back to the lair.

We can all breathe easy. John is safe. For now.

So let’s get to it. Here are the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: More Astrid! I am a total Astrid fan. I’d react about the same way if I was told I had to stay underground with no definite timeline. She thought of her parents first, calling and tearfully lying about her audition to a music school. Not only did Astrid go out of her comfort zone, plucking a bullet from John’s abs and shooting a machine gun haphazardly to protect Cara, but she came to the realization that she was alone.

I think that’s the worst part. Even though Astrid was welcomed into the lair of misfits, she’s still human. She’s not a part of their species. So really, where does she belong? She’s an outsider there, and I’m hoping that Stephen will see how much she loves him — for real — and he falls for her too. Normally I’m never rooting for the best friends to hook up (Lucas Scott and Haley, a la “One Tree Hill” and Chloe and Clark, a la “Smallville”). But they have definite chemistry to cross that line.

The Great: John almost gets captured! As I said before, I really thought he was a goner. Not “dead” but just taken prisoner by Ultra. I was really, really happy that Cara refused to listen to Russell and didn’t stay back in the lair. But his warning was part of the reason I thought for sure she would fail. She was just in enough time to grab John.

Also Great: Every flashback scene with John, Jed and Rodger. Wow. The memory that John showed Stephen at the end was filled with so much irony. Beautiful. I may have to do a rewatch just for that! And I won’t do the scene justice by explaining it. Trust me, if you haven’t watched it yet, go, go, go.

The Brilliant: The very end. But first, Stephen is paranoid, and he pushes Peter, his mom’s boyfriend, off a cliff. Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. You jumped up some cool points in my book! Just kidding. He really did act crazy. But not without some reasoning. He couldn’t read Peter’s mind. He thought Peter was telekentic when he stopped his camera from dropping in the water. Stephen was so sure that Peter was working for Ultra that I couldn’t help but believe it too.

So thanks, Stephen, you fooled me. Peter is not part of Ultra. Peter is truly a nice guy. So who stopped the camera from dropping then? Well, it was Stephen’s brother.

He’s breaking out! Great twist. And I commend the writers for making me crave each episode more than the last. I am dying to see what happens next. Are you?

There have been so many great plot twists this season. So I’m curious which one you think is the best. Weigh in by voting below!

– Becca Ritchie


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