‘The Originals’ Recap: Love Over Family

Discussing Season 1, Episode 12

[Spoilers from episode 12 below]

“You remain always in the shadow of your father. Climb out beneath it, will you? So you can die like a man.” — Papa Tunde to Marcel

I never have any idea where an hour of “The Originals” will take me. I can never predict anything that will happen. Case in point, that ending. What was that? I’m still trying to process Celeste’s motives and her reasoning, but I can hear Julie Plec’s mischievous laughter, snickering just you wait. Doesn’t she know how impatient we are? I am dying!

Let’s jump right into the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Rebekah stands up to Elijah. The original female vamp has had a tough road this season. She’s been used, beaten down, manipulated and most recently, used as a sacrifice for some serious dark magic. Elijah spends all of his time worrying about his brother’s happiness, even at the cost of Rebekah’s. And like a typical younger sibling, she makes a point to say what about me? 

Elijah is the one who mentions the internal and external battle of a love interest versus family. Which one comes first? For Rebekah, she would risk her family for the chance of true love. She’s a romantic at heart. We’ve yet to see Elijah’s choice, but Rebekah already called him a hypocrite because he has his eyes set on Hayley — Klaus’ baby momma. Is Elijah crossing a line? I’m not so sure. She’s already considered “family” so you could possibly make the claim that he’s still Team Mikaelson, unlike Rebekah. She’s been quick to betray her brothers.

The Great: Hayley reminds us that her baby is a quarter witch! I really loved this whole scene where Hayley (who is super pregnant) offers her blood to save Rebekah from Papa Tunde’s sacrificial magic. Since Klaus’ mom is a witch, the baby has some witchy blood running through her veins. Elijah bites Hayley’s wrist, but not before flashing his “bedroom” eyes. Do you ship them? They somehow amp up their chemistry every week.

The Brilliant: The end! Klaus needs to stop chit-chatting. Papa Tunde is two steps ahead. While Klaus is pondering where Papa Tunde will find his source of magic (aka more sacrifices), he kills the vampires held captive in the basement walls. And I thought that was the biggest shocker of the night — and consequently misstep for both Marcel and Klaus — but no. There’s more. 

Celeste kills Papa Tunde by slicing his throat. Why? As sacrifice? To harness more power? But beyond Celeste, Marcel threw out a very interesting thought. Can Davina be saved? If Celeste rerouted the source of the magic from The Harvest, then maybe the magic can go back to its proper owners. 

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— Becca Ritchie

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