‘Reign’ Recap: Long May You Reign

Discussing Season 1, Episode 9

[Spoilers from episode 9 below]

“I envied you for so long, and look at us now. You have what’s mine and I have your freedom. Well, I plan to take full advantage of it. Long may you reign.” — Francis to Bash

What the… — that is my first initial reaction as the television faded to black (or to next week’s preview). What in the world happened? I am left in a state of pure befuddlement. I think Bash summed it up nicely as he looked to Mary. “You’re going to be my wife. How very unexpected.” Unexpected feels like an understatement. I am shocked. Pinch me, someone!

While I adore Mary and Francis together, this new power change — with Bash in talks to take the throne (but history tells us otherwise) — my curiosity has deserted my ship (Francis + Mary) in hopes of something far more dramatic. Mary and Bash? I can root for it as long as Francis isn’t a sad puppy dog. I’m afraid I’ll feel so badly for him that I won’t ever be able to root for a new ship. Do your feelings align with mine?

Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night!

The Good: Bash and Mary jump off a cliff into a lake. And when they changed out of their wet clothes, Bash caught a peek of Mary — even after she told him not to. Naughty, naughty. The chemistry between the two is palpable, but a part of me wants another girl to be with Bash — like maybe a new lady in waiting?

The Great: Queen Catherine is going to be a prisoner! What in the world. Just when I started rooting for the fierce mom who was willing to do pretty much anything to keep her son alive, she’s about to be cast out of the castle. But before she leaves, Henry decides to take her prisoner. Catherine is way too sneaky to stay under the thumb of a man for long — which is why she’s so dang awesome. I am oddly fascinated by the team-up of Mary and Catherine. Their dialogue together has been some of the best in the series so far.

The Brilliant: Bash is now in line to be king. I never saw this coming. Kudos to the writers for such trickery! The brother-bonds make this story even more heartbreaking and compelling. Bash doesn’t want to overthrow Francis to become the legitimate heir and successor. His loyalty is to Francis’ wellbeing. I’m torn. It’s hard to root for Bash to be king when he doesn’t want the position. I think there’s really only one person you can root for in this situation. Francis. I want him to grow the strength to take what is his, but maybe that’s not the outcome we’ll be seeing. Someone needs to tell Nostradamus to change his prophecy. Do you think that’s the only way Francis can return to Mary and gain the crown?

Now it’s your turn! Weigh in on the episode by voting in the poll below:

— Becca Ritchie

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