‘The Originals’ Recap: Davina Tug o’ War

Discussing Season 1, Episode 10

[Spoilers from episode 10 below!]

“Us girls have got to stick together.” — Rebekah 

Welcome back CW watchers! It’s been a long agonizing wait, but finally, we’re back in the French Quarter where the power struggle between vampire and witch has taken a turn. Everyone wants to use Davina, but who’s actually looking out for the young witch in this crazy patriarchal, paranormal world?

Rebekah, most likely.

The original female vamp has proved to be quite the feminist, and she rallies to protect the women from the manipulative hands of Klaus and company. I couldn’t have loved Rebekah more, but a part of me is a little saddened by this plot development. I love the original family the best when they’re all together, side by side, with the mantra “family forever.” And with the gender and paranormal divides, I’m not sure if we’ll ever return to that “I’ll die for you” family loyalty that we always saw in “The Vampire Diaries.” Please come back.

But until then, let’s discuss the good, great and brilliant moments of the night.

Good: Hayley wants to break the curse on her werewolf lineage, so she strikes a deal with Sophie. The best part of this whole plot actually had little to do with the plot. I could not divert my attention from Hayley’s beefy bodyguards. Klaus enlisted two men to follow Hayley’s every move so his unborn baby would be safe. The goatees, handlebar mustaches and leather jackets — it was like the cast of the “Sons of Anarchy” dropped by “The Originals” set. And Hayley did a decent job at ditching them when she needed to.

Great: Davina goes crazy! She has good reasons. Everyone has been manipulating her thus far, and she’s tired of being controlled. So she breaks the necks of some witches (freaky!), forced Klaus to turn into a werewolf and gagged Elijah with blood. She was just about to do something epic and awful to Marcel (perhaps boiling him in bronze?) but Rebekah cut Davina’s rant short by staking Marcel herself. Girl power!

Side Note: Tim died. Who is Tim? Basically the violin player that was the only person Davina had sentimental ties to. He was bait. I don’t think killing Tim was a smart move for Klaus. Now Davina has nothing to lose, and that makes her more dangerous than ever.

Brilliant: The ending. It’s very easy to say that the last ten minutes overshadowed the rest of the episode. It left me stunned and a little slack-jawed, and I finally realize where the rest of the season may go. Sophie plans on resurrecting the witch that Elijah had a super crush on. Do you remember the woman he dreamed about in his werewolf-bite fever? Hayley knows that Elijah used to “date” her. And she knows that the woman may return. Her reaction was as expected. She ran out of the room with wide, bugged eyes.

I’m a little bummed that we’re starting another love triangle — especially when the relationships are already so complicated. Hayley is carrying Klaus’ child, but she’s crushing on Elijah. Elijah has the hots for Hayley (ahem, he slowly unzipped her dress). But he may love the dead witch who’s about to come back.

It’s all too much for my heart, I tell you. There’s a good possibility this won’t turn into a love triangle. But we all know nothing can beat the Damon/Elena/Stefan saga. So why try, right? I think this may turn into a much bigger paranormal plot. Like the sun and the moon curse, perhaps? Can anything trump that “Vampire Diaries” twist? I hope so. I’m crossing my fingers that Julie Plec is leading us someplace good to finish off the season strong.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in! Sound off below by answering the poll.

Becca Ritchie

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