By Chelsea Harris

Although the temperature keeps dropping, fashion should always stay hot (a principle I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw would approve of).

So, let’s make sure our marvelous wear isn’t bulldozed by winter and take action.

Here are a few must-have seasonal trends that are ALL under $25 (repeat: ALL under $25). These fabulous pieces will spruce up that wintry office outfit or spice up that bleak weekend ensemble that is bracing for the chill.

It’s time to steal away this cold weather with the following trendy deals:

1. Multi-Color Patterned Pants

Say hello to Merona Women’s Drapy Pant – Multicolor Print. Patterns & colors: it takes two to rock this season so brace yourself for this trend.

Price: $24.99

What Do I Pair it With? This multi-color adventure would get along with any loose fitting top that includes either a cream, navy blue or orange color. If you’re a daredevil, go the extra mile and pair it with another patterned top. Mix and Match duos are really in.

Where? Target for only $24.99


 2. Jeweled Bobby Pins

These hair glams are SHINING their way through this season.“Reign”’s Queen and Ladies in Waiting would be proud of these bejeweled bobby pins.

Price: $16.00

What Do I Pair it With? A touch of this glimmer can be joined with either a casual or chic outfit. You’ll feel Royal whether you use it on the side of your hair, half-up or in an up-do.

Where? At Nordstrom for only $16.00

3.  Open Knit Sweaters

Welcome this cozy knit sweater into your closet! The Open Knit Sweater has a pattern that screams cozy yet classy… a definite must-have.



Price: $24.95

What Do I Pair It With? Wear it with slim or skinny jeans for an off-the-cuff effect. For a night out, pair it with a black leather flare skirt (novelty meets dashing).

Where? H&M has it for $24.95

4. Statement Necklace

You probably saw lots of these at your Holiday parties or even wore one. They aren’t going away (sort of in the name), it’s bold and making a staple into 2014.



 Price: $24.00

What Do I Pair It With? The red is brave so you don’t want to outperform it with colors. I would settle with an all black outfit or a black/white top alongside dark wash jeans.  Add black knee boots and you’re ready for any adventure.

Where? At Francesca’s for only $24.00

5. Bright Beanies

“Here comes the sun, do-do-do–do…” Nothing says warmer then bright yellow on a rainy cold day. Runway models put bright beanies on the map this season and were not turning them away. Go bold with this warm welcoming!

Price: $5.60

What Do I Pair It With? The yellow beanie would gleam best with a dark colored jacket married with a hint of yellow any where on a shirt. It’s time to shine away fashionistas!

Where? You can find it at GoJane for $5.60!

Now that you have some fabulous must-haves under $25, be creative and have fun this season! And, don’t ever bore of people asking, “Where did you get that? It looks great on you!”


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