By Chelsea Harris

Let’s get one thing straight, CW stars are fashionable as fashionable comes. Especially… Arrow’s star Katie Cassidy. From adorable outfits to her new fashion blog Tomboy KC, girl’s got style and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

Her blog is a mecca of stylish get-ups and trends making it easy to browse and not realize hours have passed- guilty as charged.

Let’s take a look at what TKC is wishing for this holiday:

Mario Portolano Gloves

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

These men inspired gloves are a perfect edge to a simple outfit! Even though we live in the South and barely see the potential of cute winter gloves, Cassidy says it right when she states, “A girl can never have too many pairs of gloves”.

Kenzo Sweatshirt

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Trendy sweatshirt, score! A perfect touch for days where you want to keep casual but need an ounce of spice. Pair this with dark jeans and boots and you’re set for a smooth day of traveling or weekend errands.

Alice & Olivia Skirt

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

I might have a huge style crush on this skirt…a leather pairing like this can satisfy any New Years resolution. Cassidy insists it’s “just the right amount of girly to pair with a sweatshirt and sneakers.”

THAT jacket!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

KC’s wants are inspiring, but one must-have she seemed to skip on detailing was where to find THAT jacket pictured all over her list! I accepted the challenge, scoured the Internet for a similar jewel and found somewhat of a replica (I might have jumped up and down more than once when spotted). Here’s my find, enjoy!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


How much?  $39.99

*Steal of the day

Thanks to Cassidy, I’ll be on a style hunt for the next few days. What do you think of her wish list? Do you have similar fashion wants this Holiday season?


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