‘Reign’ Recap: To the Power of Love and Friendship

Discussing Season 1, Episode 8

[Spoilers from episode 8 below]

“The mind focuses on small things when faced with the larger horror of taking a life.” — Bash

Aylee toasted to the power of love and friendship and met her end, not based on Nostradamus’ prediction, but more like Clarissa (or what I assume was Clarissa based on her grotesque off-screen appearance) wanting to keep Mary unwed. Poor Aylee! As the poisoned drink was unknowingly passed around the four girls, I had a panic attack as Greer held onto it for far too long. If one lady had to drink it — I did not want it to be her.

Nostradamus sure knows how to freak out the castle — and me.

Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Queen Catherine teaches Kenna a thing or two. How awesome was her dialogue with Bash’s mother? She basically told off Kenna — calling her naive, foolish and hasty all at once. And Catherine has been concocting a poison to kill Mary’s lady, but she orders Diane to deliver the fatal drink. We don’t know whether or not Diane had cold feet, but what we do know — it wasn’t Catherine’s poison that killed Aylee.

The Great: One of the ladies is murdered! Wow, wow, wow. Who thought the prediction of Aylee never returning home meant that she would die in the first season? I did not. Even though the poisoned tea was meant for Kenna, she offered the drink to her friend. We later learned that Clarissa stole Nostradamus’ poison, which killed Aylee. Hmm. And just when I thought Clarissa was on the “good” side of things. Nostradamus calls Clarissa a monster and drags her away, but something tells me she’ll be back to cause more castle mischief.

Question: Who thought the murderer was Lola? I was completely fooled. When Clarissa had a bag over her head and spoke to Nostradamus, her voice sounded a lot like one of Mary’s ladies. I was really happy Lola didn’t turn on her friend.

The Brilliant: Mary rides off with Bash in order to protect Francis from the prophecy. Mary and Francis shippers, I am so sorry. It did not go your way last night. However, how cute was that scene at the beginning where Mary wakes up in Francis’ bed and they discuss children and marriage, hoping she’s already pregnant. Adorable and only realistic in that century.

Back to the last image — of Francis falling to his knees as Mary rides away, Bash by her side. I have mixed emotions. Sure, the stint with Olivia made me irate at Francis for a week or two, and I slowly converted to Team Bash, but Francis and Mary have such insane chemistry that it’s like rooting against soul mates. It feels wrong, I tell you.

“Reign” returns in January, and right when the episode ended, I thought for sure Francis was going to loath Mary for choosing to believe in a silly superstition. But the previews for next time shushed my hasty judgement. “I love her despite everything she’s done,” Francis says. So thank you, Francis!

How did you like the end to the mid-season finale? Did you scream at your television? Did you cheer? Did you pump your fists in the air and say, “Hell yeah!” (I’ve done that before. No judging here, lovelies). Weigh in by voting on the poll below!

— Becca Ritchie

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