‘The Tomorrow People’ Recap: Seeking Death

Discussing Season 1, Episode 9
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The Tomorrow People -- "Death's Door" -- Pictured (L-R): Robbie Amell as Stephen Jameson and Peyton List as Cara Coburn -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Tomorrow People — “Death’s Door” — Pictured (L-R): Robbie Amell as Stephen Jameson and Peyton List as Cara Coburn — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Becca Ritchie
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Becca Ritchie
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[Spoilers from episode 9 below]

“Now I know you don’t have the capacity to read minds, so let me tell you exactly what I’m thinking.” — the Founder to Jedikiah

Just when I thought John Young couldn’t be anymore tortured, we have to watch two painful scenes. My heart was crushed as he had to tell the truth to Cara about killing Steven’s father, and then he watched her empathize way, way too much with Steven. Can’t the guy catch a break? He has become the Damon Salvatore of this show. I just hope he’s able to get the girl in the end.

I commend each actor for speaking through expressions alone. I am in awe at how much is conveyed with simple, tormented looks.

And John Young, I just want to give you a hug.

Let’s discuss the good, great and brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Jedikiah killed his girlfriend! Just kidding. It was all a trick. But he totally fooled me. I thought for sure he was turning one-hundred percent evil again. Just goes to show that I have little faith in Steven’s uncle. But thankfully he’s ensured his girlfriend’s safety with the tomorrow people, and we can probably expect him to team up with Steven as a spy against Ultra.

The Great: Cara and John have “the talk.” No, not about Steven (although their love triangle dynamic is strange and weirdly entertaining). John confesses that he killed Steven’s father, and Cara throws her hands up in the air, practically calling quits on their relationship that she thought was founded on honesty. Not so, Cara. Not so. And then Steven soothes her anger, telling her to forgive John because he — John Young — loves her. Hmm. Odd right? Like I said, the love triangle is super strange. It’s like they’re both sharing Cara, and they’re okay with it. Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me?

Also Great: More Astrid! I am now a converted Astrid fan. When Steven is with the tomorrow people, he sometimes becomes a little whiny (sorry Steven!), but Astrid humanizes him. And their honest discussions are some of my favorite in the series. They remind me that Steven’s still a teenager in high school, trying to navigate adolescence and come to terms with his identity. So more Astrid, please!

The Brilliant: Steven DIED! And then he was brought back to life. He learned that the only way to reach limbo is to stop time mid-death. We didn’t see him in limbo or talk to his father. Instead we were given the excruciating task of watching Cara fret over Steven’s lifeless body while John cringed, seeing her basically mourn Steven like he’s her lover. Ouch. But Steven returns. And he gives us the meanest mid-season finale tease ever. We have to find my father’s body. 

Why? Why do you have to find your father’s body, Steven?! Tell meeee.

We’ll just have to wait for January to find out.

Since it’s the mid-season finale, it’s your turn to pick your favorite moment of the episode. Vote on the poll below to weigh in.

Becca Ritchie

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