Sure, it sort of reminds you of Dumbledore’s cloak and it may make you sweat here in Florida… but believe it or not, velvet is back!

Before you start rummaging through your mom’s old box of 70’s outfits, let’s talk about the velvet trend. The velvet trend is a total throwback, but this time, we are doing things a little differently. Once upon a time, velvet was worn from head to toe. Velvet dresses and jumpsuits infested the club scene. Back then, if you rubbed your velvet-clad thighs together, you’d be in for quite a shock 😉

These days, it’s all about moderation. Velvet can act as an accent or as one piece of your outfit. If you’re nervous about this trend, try a blazer or dress embellished with velvet. If you’re feeling more bold, try a velvet skirt or top.

Some of our favorite bloggers and online stores are already ahead of this trend.

On The Bloggers

In The Stores

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Are you feeling velvet fever?

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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