‘Reign’ Recap: Under Siege

Discussing Season 1, Episode 7

[Spoilers from episode 7 below]

“History is written by the survivors, and I am surely that.” — Queen Catherine 

A heart-pumping episode had the castle under siege, Mary and her ladies fighting for their virtue and the hard, brittle Queen sharing her horrific past. I, for one, was most impressed by the way Mary and Francis’ tiff was resolved. Instead of arguing about Olivia — who turned out to be rather cowardly — they set their disputes aside to protect the castle, their people and ultimately reconnect with each other.

I mean, that last scene, hello? “Tell me when you want me to stop,” Francis says while tangled with Mary in his sheets. Mary replies with a succinct, “Never.” Ooh-la-la, they most definitely reconciled.

Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Bash’s mother planned the entire siege. She paid Count Vincent of Italy to come kill Francis and his two little brothers, which would allow Bash to take the throne if he was legitimized. That honestly shocked me. Bash doesn’t want to be king, and I felt for him since he clearly loves his mother. The betrayal was a hard one.

Another Good Moment: One of Francis’ little brothers covers the other’s ears and eyes as Francis kills a guard. That was such a heartbreaking moment, and the fact that the little boy had to participate in the scheme, screaming to alert the guard into the room, was just as crushing. He’s too young for that, I tell you.

The Great: Francis and Mary reconcile. I already talked a bit about this. But did you hear what Olivia said? While she was, ahem, with Francis in bed, he called out Mary’s name in a fit of passion. Yay! But it’s not so great for Olivia, is it? She realized Francis loved Mary and she couldn’t come between them.

Another Great Moment: Greer and Leith. They. Are. Adorable. Greer has quickly become my favorite lady, and I know some of you feel the same way. When Greer tearfully believes she killed a guard who was attacking Leith, he bends down to the body and slices the man’s throat. “One of us killed him. No way to tell which one,” Leith says to her. They are soul mates. I refuse to believe they won’t be together. Nostradamus better not predict a Romeo / Juliet scenario here.

The Brilliant: Queen Catherine. Simply put. She dominated the episode with grace and fiery determination. While her husband, the king, was away, she was left to solve the crisis. Held hostage by Count Vincent, she not only tricked his guards by poisoning the gold and thus killing them, but she opened up to Mary and the ladies. Her dark childhood left her alone at only nine, and she’s no stranger to being abused by men.

I found myself rooting for Catherine. I was afraid she’d be left with the Count in the castle while all the ladies escaped. But when Mary and her girls found themselves back in the dinner hall (after Olivia chickened out of helping them), I flipped on Catherine again. How could she betray Mary and tell the Count to take her virtue? Kenna was kicked repeatedly by a solider — which had my full attention (I was wide-eyed and terrified). But thankfully Catherine redeemed herself again.

It was all a trick. She didn’t tell the girls, but her hourglass was counting down when the poison would take affect.

There were so many amazing moments last night, so now it’s your turn to weigh in. Take the poll below to let us know your favorite scene from the episode. And tune in next week for the mid-season finale!

— Becca Ritchie


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