‘The Originals’ Recap: Wolf Hunt

Discussing Season 1, Episode 9

[Spoilers from episode 9 below!]

“You don’t make it easy to love you, brother.” — Elijah to Klaus

Well, that was an interesting detour. Loose ends have been severely tied up. Every twist, lie and secret held between vampire to vampire, vampire to witch, vampire to human has all be blurted out like bad word vomit. Everyone knows everything. Davina learned that Marcel is a lying lair. Likewise, Cami learned the same from Klaus (more on her reaction later). And Marcel learned that Klaus is the biggest secret-keeper of them all. Wow. It’s a lot to digest. But more so, a lot of head scratching. Where does the show go from here, CW lovers? Any guesses?

Let’s discuss the good, the great, and the brilliant moments of the night. (And quietly go into withdrawals until “The Originals” returns in January.)

The Good: Cami is on the hunt to find answers. Ah, Cami, the inquisitve human. There’s always one of those in every paranormal tale. And while I empathize with her distress at being compelled routinely to forget Klaus, I do not understand how she could forgive him so easily in the end. She was so angry (rightfully so) that he’s been messing with her mind, and the minute he shows her a bit of his history, she sympathizes with his plight. I know she’s a psychology student, so maybe she sees his broken childhood and realizes he’s just a product of a horrible upbringing. But I thought it felt a little rushed to get to that place. Still, I’ve been more enthralled with her battle to find answers that everyone has but her. We’re even privy to the info.

The Great: Klaus orders the vamps to hunt down all the werewolves and kill them — but more than that, a huge twist is exposed. Rebekah and Elijah traced Klaus’ biological father. Which means that we may see some of his werewolf relatives in the future. I had totally forgotten that Klaus has a much larger family than just his vampire siblings. I’d be curious to see what they’re like, but Klaus isn’t so keen on the idea.

Side Note: Marcel and Klaus have sort of mended the bridge. They’re teaming up together. I still don’t trust Marcel, even though it seems like I should. Klaus treats him like a son, and their relationship seems to be reverting back to how it was hundreds of years ago. I wonder if there’s going to be a new big bad in town come January.

The Brilliant: Elijah apologizes to Klaus. This was the best part of the night, by far. I was afraid that the Mikaelson clan would be separated once again, but they’re all better off sticking together. At the realization that they’re going to be a big (almost) happy family is enough to make me smile.

So where do we go from here? Secrets have been spilled. Enemies have become frenemies, and the Mikaelson’s have moved back into their family home. Who can possibly threaten Hayley’s baby now?

We’re in the halfway point of the season, so how have you been liking “The Originals” so far? Weigh in on the poll below!

Becca Ritchie

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