‘The Originals’ Recap: Liar, Betrayer

Discussing Season 1, Episode 8

[Spoilers from episode 8 below]

“I am a liar, a betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood, and I doubt even your God can save me.” — Rebekah

“Poppycock, I would never bite you.” — Klaus to Rebekah

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just what I needed before my turkey dinner, a vampire bloodshed. This episode possibly tested your own loyalty towards Klaus in the same way it did his brother and sister. Did you stand by his side as he raged against all of Marcel’s followers? Or did you side with Rebekah and hope that Klaus would be locked up for good? Vote on the poll at the end of the recap to share your opinion.

Let’s discuss the good, great and brilliant moments from this pre-Thanksgiving episode.

The Good: Elijah has some weird fever dreams about an old flame. What’s more awkward, practically dying on a bed in a hot sweat while dreaming about sucking on a woman’s toes — or your current crush witnessing all of that via mind reading? Eh, it’s all pretty uncomfortable for me. And I was feeling Elijah’s cringe-worthy pain. But one thing’s certain — opening up about his tormented love life has cemented a deeper connection with Hayley.

The Great: Rebekah’s plans are foiled! This is only great if you’re Team Klaus. But she planned on betraying her brother with Marcel’s help, a young vampire spy in assistance. They wanted to entomb Klaus where all of Marcel’s disloyal followers go.

Klaus is clearly too strong to be stopped. For a minute, I doubted his talents to slaughter vampires, but then he proved me wrong. He easily slipped out of chains and went on his usual killing spree — which shouldn’t be a good thing, but in a sick and twisted way, the writers have me rooting for him.

Question: Can only another hybrid stop Klaus? Or is he truly invincible? I’d like to think there’s someone out there that can match Klaus. But who? Tyler is no match. Side Note: I fear for Rebekah. I do not want to see her become manipulated again, and the longer she hangs around Marcel, the more I think she’s going to go down that dark road.

The Brilliant: Klaus reveals his true feelings. Now, Klaus has cried a lot in only eight episodes, but this time, his tears truly touched my heart. I was iffy about Klaus all the way through the episode, not one-hundred percent sure where his head was at. He bit his brother, threatened to dagger his sister, and killed a ton of vampires. But all of his pain surrounded the fact that he felt betrayed by his family — his family who was supposed to trust and believe in him. But they were quick to paint him as the villain, as a man who would use his own child to create an army.

And now Klaus is moving on out. And he’s taking his baby mamma with him. The new twist has sparked my attention again. Will Elijah come to Hayley’s rescue? Will she give birth soon (her baby bump is quickly growing)? I can’t wait to find out.

Best Reveal of the Night: Hayley’s werewolf origins. All of those dogs that are following her around — yeah, those happened to be cursed werewolves, only able to shift to human form on the full moon.

Now it’s your turn. Every week, your opinion will be heard. Vote on the weekly poll below!

Becca Ritchie

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