‘Reign’ Recap: Devils in the Woods

Discussing Season 1, Episode 6

[Spoilers from episode 6 below]

“The real warning is that there are people who matter more and people who matter less — those who will be remembered and those who will be forgotten.” — Bash

Don’t you just want to shake Kenna and Francis? Both made some pretty interesting choices last night, and they have my head all frazzled. Mostly, though, the episode explored Bash’s background, and we were finally able to see his relationship with his mother, his past, and what kind of character he may come to be.

Let’s discuss the good, the great, and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Kenna. Kenna. When will you learn? She is eating right out of King Henry’s devious hand. She thinks she’s his numero uno mistress when Diana is pulling all of the strings. My heart breaks for her because you can truly sense how young and innocent she is in all of this. Henry is manipulating the poor girl, and I sincerely hope that her ladies help her understand what’s going on. And maybe a knight will displace the King from her heart. One can only wish.

The Great: The ending? Or was this a horrible, horrible side road that we just went down? That is too be seen. Where I was firmly planted over on Team Francis, waving my Team Francis flags, he had to go and pull one of the worst moves yet. He gave Mary permission to date other men before they solidify their marriage, and in turn, he gave himself the okay to shack up with Olivia. Not cool, Francis. He’s definitely walking a thin line with me. And maybe, I would have been a little more understanding of his reasoning (which, honestly, I tuned out because we all know he just wanted to kiss Olivia again) if he hadn’t added that stipulation for Mary. She can’t date Bash. She can kiss and hook up with anyone else but his brother.

That is just cruel.

The Brilliant: Bash kills two men. The plot focused on a mystery. Who is the heretic that’s threatening Mary? And will Bash have to kill someone for the heretic to leave her alone? The Pagan lore was a great addition the last episode. They are, essentially, the devils in the woods who string up men to trees and let them bleed — all in the name of their religious beliefs. What was interesting was the fact that Diana used to practice the same religion, but Bash is Catholic like the King.

Even so, when Bash is met with one of the heretics, the guy accuses the bastard son of not accepting his origins. That he is one of them. I love this twist. And Bash not only kills him, but he pushes another guy off a cliff because he learned all of those secrets too. It was a split-second shove that had me in rewind mode.

Bash killed the first man to save Mary. But Bash killed the second to save himself. He’s not as noble as we once believed, and I’m interested to see the exploration of this darker side of Bash. Are you?

UPDATE: I have dissenters who believe Bash only shoved the man off the mountain because he mentioned his mother’s name. In that case, was Bash really saving himself or was he protecting Diana? Take the second poll to see where you all stand.

Now it’s your turn! Let your voice be heard and vote on the weekly poll below.

Becca Ritchie

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