‘Reign’ Recap: Forbidden Romance

Discussing Season 1, Episode 5

[Spoilers from episode 5 below]

“You can have me any way you want.” — Olivia to Francis 

“Francis has you. Why would he look elsewhere?” — Bash to Mary

Okay, the kisses. There were three of them this episode, and I truly think they fit in another category besides the usual ones below. They’re going in the OMFG section provided by the OMFG forebearers “Gossip Girl” (thank you Serena Van Der Woodson). Be warned, I’m going to be mushy-gushy and a bit fangirlish this recap. If you’d like a critical historical analysis, you have taken a wrong turn somewhere. I would direct you to the right place, but I am too busy swooning.

So let’s dig right into the episode. Starting with the most jaw-dropping moments. I rewound five times. Yes. I. Did.

OMFG: The writers pushed the limits, reminding me so much of the Upper East Side show I used to watch religiously. And it also harked back to the pilot when Kenna made a bold move to please herself. Nothing has been as daring onscreen in “Reign” since that moment. But every word Olivia said to Francis slowly unhinged my jaw. She was not too abashed to tell him to have sex with her again. And she point-blank asked to be his mistress. Even though Francis rejects her, they still share a kiss. He breaks it after an extended, questionable minute.

We must mention Bash and Mary. While Francis and Mary ooze sexual tension and organic chemistry, Bash wins every time he stares at the Scottish girl. He can probably stop a thousand hearts with that intense “I’ll love you until the end of time” gaze. He flirts. He romances. But I doubt he’ll win her heart in the end. You can’t change history after all. But the chase is still fun to watch.

And then Greer and Leith. The “take off your dress and I’ll help wash it” bit was not subtle, but it was adorable nonetheless. I worry for them as a couple, and that worry is building an intense defense towards becoming attached to them. I don’t want to be heartbroken by their love story. This may become a Shakespearean tragedy, not a comedy that ends with a delightful white wedding.

The Good: Mary is one step ahead of Francis’ mother. Aylee is actually the closest lady to Mary. She’s now her right-hand girl, working as a pretend spy for the Queen of France. I kind of like it.

The Great: Bash must choose someone to sacrifice. This is a setup for the next episode to come. In the woods, he intervenes in the religious heretics blood rite where they bleed a person to death. Not a pleasant sight. They warn Bash that if he doesn’t sacrifice someone, then they’ll find a person to kill for him. Looks like Mary may be in danger again.

The Brilliant: Francis’ mother practically orders Olivia to get pregnant by her son — all so that Mary won’t be queen. My love for Mary was solidified this episode twice. 1) She accepted Olivia into the castle with open arms, even after knowing that Francis used to have a serious (real) crush on Olivia that involved some (real) fondling. 2) When Mary learns that Francis and Olivia kiss after she’s been so darn nice, she vehemently tries to kick Olivia out. Good for Mary. You see, she’s sweet but she also has a backbone. What more could we ask for in a leading lady?

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— Becca Ritchie

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