‘The Originals’ Recap: Taking Sides

Discussing Season 1, Episode 7

[Spoilers from episode 7 below]

“You will not believe the crap day that I am having.” — Hayley 

Can we take a moment of silence to allow the Klaroline shippers to breathe? Inhale. Exhale. Okay, I’m good. How about you? For anyone not aware of the momentous occasion that marks episode seven (or maybe you just don’t care as much as Klaroline crazies — myself included in that), this was the very first time that Caroline’s name has been mentioned in “The Originals.” Yep, it happened. With Tyler enacting serious revenge in New Orleans, I thought his ex-girlfriend’s name would have been swept under the rug. Nope, the writers went there and actually allowed Klaus to mention that he had a thing for Caroline. In front of Tyler. Yessss! 

Does this mean Caroline will be joining Tyler in New Orleans? Not sure yet. I don’t know what reason she would have for showing up in the French Quarter other than mourning the loss of Tyler (which has not happened. He’s very much alive, and Klaus seems to want to keep him that way).

I apologize for anyone who hates the thought of Klaroline. But this rant was unavoidable. Now we can move on to the rest of this eye-opening, twist-induced episode. Let’s talk about the good, great and brilliant moments of the night, shall we?

The Good: Davina bonds with Klaus’ compelled vampire. Well, he’s not compelled anymore thanks to Davina’s magic (and at Marcel’s orders). I loved their friendship and the idea that they’re both living odd lives that they didn’t choose.

Not so good: Rebekah considers helping Marcel overthrow Klaus. I don’t want another man to manipulate her. If she’s not being controlled by her brother, then Marcel is trying to sink his teeth into her. It literally pains me to watch Rebekah being tugged between these men and do their bidding. I just want to watch her rise on her own.

The Great: Hayley and Elijah’s blossoming relationship. I never, ever thought I’d be rooting for the couple, but I’ve really grown to adore Pheobe Tonkin’s character. Hayley is fierce and capable to protect herself, but she’s also open to love too. And Elijah seems like the perfect match for her. How cute was their moment in the forest after she ran away from evil Tyler? Also, we were able to see a glimpse of Hayley’s werewolf origins, and the mystery about her legacy keeps growing.

The Brilliant: Klaus’ unborn baby can create Hybrids! And the blood also allows Hayley to be in control of the Hybrids, as though she sired them. I, for one, am glad the baby didn’t turn out to be a demon straight from “Supernatural.” Instead, the child fits in with the werewolf and vampire lore quite well. The witches fear that Klaus will make a Hybrid army and thus overthrow the weaker species: witches and vampires.

Elijah accuses Klaus of knowing the truth about the baby all along — and Tyler planted that seed of betrayal in Hayley’s head first. Did Klaus really have that information? He’s usually five steps ahead, but a huge part of me wants to believe he was innocent. But I am biased on the matter. I’m so empathetic towards Klaus, even when I shouldn’t be. And Klaus bites Elijah for the accusation — saying he might as well be evil if everyone thinks he is. Those are questions to ponder, I suppose. Maybe the writers will be kind to us and throw us a hint or two soon.

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The next episode is all about taking sides. So who are you rooting for?

Becca Ritchie

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