Thankful For Queen Latifah!

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Chelsea Korzenko
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Chelsea Korzenko
chelsea korzenko Thankful For Queen Latifah! Chelsea Korzenko is a KSU Alum who loves Atlanta! A movie/television junkie who is a native northerner, southern settler and optimistic occupier! Above all a CW lover and celeb gossip indulger.  When  not dishing about the latest celeb, movie craze or television show, you can find her enjoying a refreshing hike and nature’s beauty!  She can be reached at

The Queen is NOW!

From a comedian, singer, actress to model, Queen Latifah has built a loyal following over the years. Mention her name to fans and you see plenty of passion. It’s not hard to be a Queen fan; she’s extremely talented, funny, beautiful… and did I say talented?  She’s won a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy ( been nominated six more times for a Grammy) and has been nominated for an Emmy and an Academy Award.

Queen Latifah’s new show airs every weeknight on the CW at 6pm (In case you didn’t already know) and it’s REAL. I mean of course, right? Real people, real life but what I really mean is the show is different from other talk shows. How? She tells REAL inspiring stories, celebrating the good and extraordinary things that are happening in  our communities. Latifah also delivers her audience with “REAL” convos between celebs.

These one-to-ones are normally convos people have on the side when the whole world isn’t watching. Among these, The Queen Latifah Show has hosted quite a few celebs like Rob Base, Chris Daughtry, Ellen Pompeo, Dolly Parton, Steve Martin, Ellie Goulding, Johnny Knoxville and more.

Recently, the Queen treated her guests with a special performance of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”. Check out the video below, you’re welcome!

To keep up with guest stars visiting the Big Sexy stage follow Queen Latifah on Twitter or visit the CW website!

I’m SUPER thankful the Queen is only a few clicks away on CW… aren’t you? Queen fans tweet @ATLCW your Queen thanks!

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