‘Reign’ Recap: Blood to Spill

Discussing Season 1, Episode 4

[Spoilers from episode 4 below]

“Mary, if anything happens to you, I feel responsible.” — Francis

I have made up my mind about something very, very important concerning “Reign.” Mary’s wardrobe consultant must be a magical fairy. It’s the only explanation. How else can each dress be better than the next one? I had to rewind just to catch Mary’s speech because I was hypnotized by the flowing purple fabric and that white lacy dress with the strange (but awesome) body necklace. Can I replace my fairy godmother with Mary’s gown fairy? Is that possible? I’ll let my fairy work it out with hers.

Okay, wardrobe aside, Mary stepped up by the end of the episode. Where she could have jumped in bed with the Prince of Portugal, she found a way to unravel his ploy and renegotiate her treaty with France, thus putting Scotland in a much safer position than before. Go Mary! She’s not just a king’s arm-candy after all.

Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night! And weigh in on Mary’s ladies in waiting with the poll at the bottom.

The Good: Mary and Francis silently announce their attraction for each other–with a much more passionate kiss than the last. Their romance has grown organically from the start, and the reason why I root for them–both Mary and Francis will put their countries before their hearts.

The not so good: A whipping boy? Francis’ warning about the Prince of Portugal was right. He’s cruel to his servants, and he hits a boy for every offense Mary commits. I didn’t expect him to shoot his servant with an arrow either. Or for the prince to succumb to a death so quickly. No one threatens the Queen of Scotland if Francis and his half-brother have anything to say about it.

The Great: All four of Mary’s ladies will go with her to Portugal! Loyalty at its finest. Except for Kenna, who actually wants to stay in France and be the King’s mistress. By the end, she’s in bed with him. Kenna, Kenna, Kenna. I sense that you’re headed to dark places, girl. Where’s Nostradamus with a cryptic fortune when you need him? He should warn her. Do you think the King’s current mistress will try to rival Kenna? Maybe send someone to kill her? The possibilities are endless, but I have a feeling Bash’s mother is not going to be pleased that this young girl is shacking up with her man.

The Brilliant: “Killing isn’t supposed to be easy. If your hands weren’t shaking, you’d be him,” Bash tells his half-brother. In order to protect Bash, the English man from being wrongfully accused of murder, a servant boy, and even Mary — Francis goes against his nature and kills the Prince of Portugal. My favorite part was the comment made about bastards being able to fight better than Francis ever could. Francis’ insecurity about being nothing more than a figurehead who deals with politics was magnified again. And he had to truly sword-fight, something his father rarely lets him do.

Now it’s your turn. Every week, your opinion will be heard. Vote on the weekly poll below!

Becca Ritchie

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