‘The Originals’ Recap: The Bonds That Tie Us

Discussing Season 1, Episode 6

[Spoilers from episode 6 below]

“Don’t touch my family.” — Klaus to Agnes

With Elijah back, family bonds are heightened, and as Klaus very pointedly said, who made him in charge? But I fully support Elijah in the driver’s seat to protect his family. And with Marcel uncovering the truth about Klaus’ intentions (and deception), trouble in New Orleans has only just begun. This episode packed a punch and more laughs (the beginning where Klaus and Elijah read old books while Rebekah walks in — hilarious!) and shows just how well the original vamps can hold a series all on their own.

Let’s discuss the good, great and brilliant moments of the night.

The Good: Rebekah hopes to leave New Orleans. “I want to be free,” she tearfully tells her oldest brother. Now that Elijah is safe and sound, she has no reason to stay. I don’t want the self-proclaimed “bitchy” vamp to go anywhere. She’s the one source of humor for the show, and without her, I won’t receive my usual giggles. By the end of the episode, she’s driving off, saying goodbye to New Orleans, but with a slightly frantic call from Elijah about a missing pregnant werewolf, it’s okay to assume Rebekah won’t go too far without turning around.

The not so good: Rebekah gives into Marcel’s desires before she hightails it out of the French Quarter. But after they fool around, Marcel basically tells her that his feud takes precedent over any sort of love. For him, girls aren’t worth the hassle. Rebekah, you deserve better.

The Great: There’s a tie this week! Marcel figures out Klaus has been compelling some of his vampire recruits to do his nasty bidding. And then the link between Sophie and Hayley breaks after Davina unwinds a ball of string with her mind. First off, Marcel is pissed. Klaus is pissed because Marcel takes Hayley at the end of the episode. Where did he send her? We have no idea. But the standoff between them was slightly frightening and exciting. Marcel is finally going to be a good adversary. Because, let’s face it, Agnes didn’t stand a chance.

Hayley being cradled in the pool by Elijah — I think that was sexier than intended. On the first episode, I was strictly anti-Hayley/Elijah, but the couple is one of the hottest on screen so far. And now that the link is broken, Elijah has no reason to be kind to Sophie, so it’ll be interesting to see how she fits into the dynamic now that her leverage is gone.

The Brilliant: Elijah kills Agnes. Who saw that coming? I didn’t expect Agnes to die so quickly. She stirred up all the drama, and the fact that Elijah was so quick to kill her — all in the name of protecting his family — shows just how many lives the originals are willing to take if they’re crossed. I promised that you wouldn’t die by my brother’s hands, but I said nothing of my own. Is Elijah turning into Klaus? Has his hybrid brother managed to make him a little darker, a little crueler? I think that one is up for debate.

Now it’s your turn. Every week, your opinion will be heard. Vote on the weekly poll below!

Becca Ritchie

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