‘Reign’ Recap: Kings Never Apologize

Discussing Season 1, Episode 3

[Spoilers from episode 3 below]

CW watchers, I admit, I have a serious affliction when it comes to “Reign.” Every time I tune in, I sincerely covet some part of the show. I went googly-eyed with green envy at Mary’s dresses. And then her jewelry. Her rose headband. And now I want that boat. I can totally bypass the lack of hygiene (and toilets) in that century for a chance at Mary’s wardrobe and to ride on that living room gondola contraption. With sparklers. Yes, there must be some sparklers as ambiance.

The sets are crazy awesome. Here are the good, the great, and the brilliant moments from last night!

The Good: Mary tries to secure Scotland’s safety, even at the cost of losing Francis. After accidentally tackling Thomas, the Prince of Portugal, Mary entertains the idea of his country helping her with Scotland’s security. The King of France refused to send troops at her request, so she needs a serious backup plan. We were treated to a sexy Portuguese dance between Mary and Thomas that had Francis balking. And her dress? I approve (not that anyone really needs my fashion approval, but still — A+).

Not so good: The King of France is playing mind games with my girl Kenna. How funny was her conversation with Bash? He was uncomfortable, but he offered her sage advice. His father does not want an easy victory. The King likes that Kenna is so hard to seduce. But I worry for Kenna. This does not end well for her. Run, girl, run!

The Great: Nostradamus has visions of the future and shares his predictions with Mary and her ladies. What does Fate have to say? Alyee will never go home. Greer will fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face. The lion will fight the dragon on the field of poppies. I could not stop envisioning “Game of Thrones” meeting “Wizard of Oz.” Imagine Daenerys’ dragons fighting flying monkeys. Sadly Nostradamus was not foretelling an epic Thrones and Oz showdown. It turns out, the English’s crest is a lion and Portugal’s is a dragon. A battle between the countries will ensue.

The Brilliant: First kisses! Juxtaposing the two kisses — one between Mary and Francis (finally!) and Greer and Leith — was perfect.

First we meet Leith, the servant boy, in the kitchen while Greer is trying to gather supplies for her picnic with Thomas. She has no title, but her family is relying on her to marry a man with one. Alyee said Greer has no shot at wedding Thomas, but that doesn’t stop Greer from trying — and getting her heart broken. But Leith was quick to pick up the pieces. Her first kiss? So adorable. And sure enough, he was the man with white on his face from a streak of flour.

Then Francis passionately kisses Mary for the first time. They have serious chemistry. What could have been insta-love is just fiery hot. But sadly, Francis told Mary that she should wed Thomas. I think he’s afraid that he can’t protect her because his father isn’t willing to solidify his deal with Scotland.

How did you like the episode? Was your heart torn at Bash’s return, bloodied from a knife wound? Are you hoping Kenna ditches the King?

Now it’s your turn. Every week, your opinion will be heard. Vote on the weekly poll below!

Becca Ritchie

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