‘The Originals’ Recap: The Harvest

Discussing Season 1, Episode 5

[Spoilers from episode 5 below]

Deep breaths, everyone. Elijah has returned! No longer a gray motionless corpse, his communication now extends beyond flashbacks and mind-traveling (or whatever you call entering your sister’s head). And with the “honorable” vampire back in action, we’ve discovered a few secrets about the witches, but most importantly — why witchy Davina is so angsty. And this isn’t a normal bout of teenage angst, mind you. After the episode, she has a definite reason to be bitter, mad, and just plain angry.

One thing is for certain: This episode made the rivalry between vampires and witches even more murky than before. Who is right? Who do we root for? I’ll tell you my answer if you tell me yours. (ahem, the vampires). Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: A witch distorted the mind of Cami’s twin brother. Last episode we learned that a group of seminary students were murdered by one of their own in a massacre-suicide — the murderer also happened to be Cami’s twin. We were left to guess whether he was truly nuts or if something supernatural feasted on his poor brains. I was blindsided, I admit. I was seventy-five percent sure Marcel compelled the boy to conduct a mass murder in a church. And I was wrong. Thanks to Marcel’s conversation with Klaus, he told us that a witch put a spell on the boy just to distract the priest from the Harvest (which we will most definitely discuss).

This illuminates two things for us, CW watchers. 1) Cami was right to be upset over her brother’s death. He was unjustly wronged here, and since Klaus has an emotional connection to Cami, his hatred has probably doubled towards the extremist witches. They better watch out. 2) Was this the same witch that tried to attack Hayley and her unborn hybrid baby? If so, she’s become a top threat in the French Quarter.

The Great: Elijah is back! Since I already gushed about him in the opening, I’ll spare you another long Elijah rant. But we do need to talk about his return into the house. Rebekah ran into his arms once she saw that her big brother was no longer in a coffin — which begs the question, where does Rebekah’s loyalty lie now that he’s awake from his daggered sleep? I’d say she’s more Team Elijah since Klaus has wronged her recently. He needs to work on his brotherly charm.

What was not so great about the reunion: A slap heard all through New Orleans. Hayley, what gives? As the newest member of the family, I thought Hayley would rejoice (and maybe even kiss) the eldest original vamp. Instead, she slaps him, and then she tells him he shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep. Maybe she’ll blame the outburst on hormones (she is pregnant with what could be a very evil baby). But Hayley, he’s been stuck in a coffin in an attic. He had nowhere to go.

The Brilliant: The Harvest, the Reaping, and Davina’s super witchy powers. We finally have answers. Davina has been locked in her tower attic of her own freewill. Marcel is protecting her from the witches because they want to kill her to finish the Harvest. They believe once four young girls are sacrificed — and then brought back to life in the Reaping — their ancestral magic will be reborn. But the Harvest can’t be completed until Davina’s throat is slit like her three friends.

Here’s where the uncertainty comes in. Are the witches honest with the four young girls? If Davina dies, will the girls be brought back to life? Or will they stay dead? Jane-Anne, Sophie’s deceased sister, believed so. Her daughter was among the four witches who died, and she cried on Sophie’s arm, exclaiming that if Davina doesn’t die then her daughter would never be resurrected and she’d stay dead. But if that were true, why would the witches lie to the girls, telling them their palms would be sliced, not their necks?

I want to side with Davina. I think, after the whole horrific ordeal, I can honestly sympathize for the girl who I thought was more bitchy than witchy. She wants to live. And she’s not willing to die for the somewhat-chance that the three other girls will be brought back to life. Plus, she absorbed their powers — the magic that was supposed to be fed into the earth. So she’s super strong and a super threat.

Sophie’s motives have suddenly become apparently clear. She was the one who almost stopped the Harvest. Marcel and the vamps came in and saved Davina, but Sophie was against the ritual from the beginning. Her change of heart happened once Jane-Anne had that tear-filled conversation with her. Sophie wants to resurrect her niece. She believes in the Harvest now.

Elijah knows that family means everything. And Sophie has lost all of hers, and the one way to bring back her niece is by killing Davina. In turn, she has become Elijah’s number one enemy.

And exhale.

That’s a lot to take in right? With that baby-centric promo for the next episode, I’m already giddy in anticipation to see more Elijah and truths about Klaus’ spawn. Also, I suspect Elijah is not as offended by the slap across his face as much as we are. (Did you see him slightly smile after Hayley walked off? It was there, in the corner of his lip like a hidden kiss).

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Becca Ritchie

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